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Thanks to Koni, you can now fulfill that dream of conquering the racetrack/ With Koni Shocks and Strut, you can finally have that Formula 1 race car suspension you've been desperately wishing for. If you find this hard to believe, look under the legendary Ferarri or the famed Lamborghini and you would surely see a Koni Coilover tucked in there.

No other shock absorber has come close to the reputation of Koni Shocks both in racing and in everyday driving, so much so that legends have come to rely on us. There's no reason to doubt that, because Koni Shocks have been around since the 1930s, back to the time when modern cars weren't even born yet. With this kind of track record, you shouldn't be surprised why Koni Shocks are also a legend.

And because legends don't die, Koni Shocks are made to last. Each Koni Shock is designed and manufactured to withstand leaks, no matter what cargo you are carrying and no matter what kind of terrain you are driving on. The world's finest cars attests to this durability by using Koni Shocks as original equipment for decades now. Our Koni Coilovers are also tried and tested. Koni Coilovers consist of a premium shock absorber and a lowering spring, both of which are specifically designed to give your car maximum tuneability. Koni Coilovers have fully adjustable shock damper settings and spring perch, which means you have the choice as to how firm you want your suspension to be and how high your vehicle would be from the ground.

No wonder Koni products are sold in more than 40 countries all over the world and patronized by racing legends. So if you want to be a legend yourself, use what the legends use - Koni.

Koni Brand Articles

  • Tips on Buying Koni Shocks

    What makes a Koni Shock unique? First, they are adjustable. Koni Shocks can be set to your personal preference and to compensate for wear. Koni Shocks are also tailormade for your car. So you are getting, not a copy of the factory shock, but a shock specifically designed for your car or road condition. Koni Shocks are a vast improvement over regular shocks, because they are individually tested until optimum handling and comfort has been reached. Safety is always a factor, and these shocks provide better handling in order to optimize it. Koni Shocks are test-driven by Koni test drivers who are car enthusiasts themselves. Koni shock inserts used to be hydraulic, and were adjusted by removing the shock and adjusting the setting mechanically on each shock. The new Koni Shocks use gas instead of liquid, and can be adjusted by turning a knob at the top of each shock, without requiring the shock to be removed from the vehicle. Adjustments take only a few seconds. Finally, these shocks are built to last. In fact, it is said that a set of Koni Shocks will usually outlive your car. Pick up a set at your nearest Koni dealer. Drive well, drive safe.
    Koni Struts are personalized for your own driving style and compensate for heavy use. Koni Struts are tailormade for your own car - you are not getting a copy of a factory strut, but something specifically designed for your car or for a specific road condition. Koni Struts are individually for maximum handling and comfort, and will add performance, handling, and cornering to any vehicle. Koni test drivers are car enthusiasts who test each Koni Strut as if they were driving their own car. Koni uses advanced testing procedures to ensure their products have the maximum in technical innovation, but they haven't forgotten that practical tests are the only way to know that a design gives the best performance under realistic driving conditions. Koni does a 100% dyno-testing on all Koni Shocks and Koni Struts before they leave the factory, ensuring that the damping forces are perfectly matched.
    Koni Coilovers offer the very best in roadholding to the sporting motorist. Koni Coilovers consist of matching shock absorbers and lowering springs. Koni Coilovers give the car maximum tuneability for absolutely superb roadholding and great looks with either a fixed lowering or an adjustable lowering up to 65 mm, in combination with the externally adjustable damping. For the maximum in handling, quality and performance, choose Koni Shocks, Koni Struts and Koni Coilovers.

  • Choosing the Right Koni Product, For the Right Job

    Koni shocks and struts have been original equipment on the world's finest cars for decades now

    Adjustable Koni shocks allow you to tune your suspension with the twist of a knob, going from road to track in a matter of moments

    For the ultimate suspension upgrade, toss out those stock parts in favor of a set of Koni coilover springs and shocks

    If you do nothing else to your suspension, install Koni shocks and find out what a world-class damper can do for your handling performance

    No other shock absorber has earned the reputation in racing and on the street that the Koni shock has. Simply put, this red tube is a handling legend in its own time, and rightfully so. Each Koni shock is designed and manufactured to the highest tolerances, permitting the company to put a lifetime warranty on every unit. Those tolerances also prevent leakdown inside the Koni shock so that damping forces are equal no matter what the load or the terrain. Most Koni shock offerings are also externally adjustable via a small knob at the top of the Koni shock body. Turning the knob in one direction firms up the damping, while turning it the other way loosens the damping of the Koni shock. Not only is this adjustability useful on the street, but it makes racing a ton of fun, since you can fine-tune your handling via your Koni shock adjusters after every run. Remember, legends like Ferarri and Lamborghini have turned to Koni shock products on their ultra high-end exotics for years, as have countless race teams. No matter what other damper manufacturers say, they just don't have that kind of history. Go with a proven winner: Use a Koni shock at each corner of your performance ride.

    Just because you have a strut-based suspension doesn't mean you have to sacrifice handling performance: Just make sure you have a Koni strut under each wheelarch. Made to the same exacting standards as the company's shocks, each Koni strut is precision engineered to give you the absolute best damping characteristics year in and year out. At the heart of the Koni strut lies a Koni shock absorberat least the basic bones of one. With the same adjustability, the Koni strut gives you a world of options as far as suspension damping, cornering prowess, and ride smoothness. By integrating the suspension arm and the spring, as well as the shock, into one compact Koni strut, suspension engineers have produced an incredibly stiff but compact unit. Since most Koni strut assemblies are externally adjustable, you don't have to take each unit out in order to fine-tune your handling. That's just one way a Koni strut can save you tons of time in the garage or at the track. Remember, strut-based cars don't have to be last in line around the track when they have a Koni strut at each corner. More applications are being released each day, so check to see if a Koni strut assembly is available for your vehicle today.

    You can finally have a true Formula 1 style race car suspension under your street vehicle thanks to Koni coilovers. A combination shock and spring in one unit, Koni coilovers are found underneath Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and practically every ultra high-performance racing car on the planet. So there's the pedigree. Now what are Koni coilovers really all about? Koni coilovers are premium suspension components with a high degree of adjustability. Both the shock damper settings and the spring perch are fully adjustable on Koni coilovers, which means you can tailor the firmness of your suspension as well as the ride height of your vehicle. You're in control of your suspension settings. Koni coilovers offer the famous unmatched damping ability of the company's legendary shocks, and the coil-over-shock configuration provides perfect suspension geometry and weight savings. Koni coilovers are sold in kits to replace the entire spring/shock/strut system on your stock ride with a no-compromises system that's going to blow you away. Your car will handle better, corner better, stop better, and exhibit less roll and dive in all situations with Koni coilovers under each corner. Racing teams have money to burn, and they're only interested in winning. They choose Koni coilovers for their cars. That should tell you that Koni coilovers are THE premium suspension parts for any car.