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Looking for a way to boost your vehicle's performance? Well, you no longer have to search any further! Kooks' high-performance exhaust products are sure to meet and exceed your vehicle's requirements, as well as your desire for a pumped-up ride.

Kooks has successfully established its reputation as an innovative manufacturer of automotive exhaust components. Its wide range of products include headers, intermediate pipes, and complete exhaust systems. These parts are made from high-grade materials and are meticulously customized to fit various vehicles. Whatever your exhaust needs may be, rest assured that Kooks is there to deliver the perfect solution that's guaranteed to last for a long period of time.

Kooks Brand Articles

  • Looking Into Kooks Exhaust Intermediate Pipes

    As the exhaust emissions move from your vehicle's exhaust downpipe into to its catalytic converter, the intermediate pipes ensure that these gases travel properly without leaking out of the system. It may sound like a pretty easy job, but it's definitely an important one. This is why you have to ensure compatibility and quality when it comes to replacing the intermediate pipes on your vehicle. It's a great thing that with Kooks' custom manufacturing capabilities, you don't have to worry about finding the right intermediate pipes for your vehicle. Want to know more about Kooks' intermediate pipes? Read on!

    What sets them apart: Kooks' sheer effort of custom-build exhaust intermediate pipes may be considered enough reason to say that these components are unique compared to those produced by other brands. However, it's also good to note that these intermediate pipes are constructed from premium-grade stainless steel, which makes them so much more durable than those made from mild steel material. They also come with or without a catalytic converter, giving buyers the freedom to choose whether they want to improve their car's performance by leaving out the catcon or not.

    What vehicles are they compatible to: Kooks' intermediate pipes are offered in different sizes to suit the specifications required by various vehicles. The company also has the capacity to manufacture intermediate pipes according to the customer's given specifications, which simply means that these components can be constructed to fit whatever type of vehicle you may have, as long as its dimensions are within Kooks' custom manufacturing capabilities.

    Are they worth the price: Kooks' custom stainless steel intermediate pipes may give your wallet a rather large dent. Their quality, durability, and definite compatibility with your vehicle definitely come with a hefty price tag. However, splurging on a good product is undeniably wiser than going for a cheap and substandard counterpart.

  • Choosing the Proper Kooks Exhaust Header for the Right Application

    Whether you're a frequent off-road driver or you simply like cruising leisurely along the highway, it's important that you get good exhaust headers to suit the needs of your car. You should let your vehicle produce more power by providing it with a header that can efficiently push exhaust gases right out of the cylinder. It's a good thing that Kooks offer a large selection of this component for you to choose from. Like every other exhaust parts offered by Kooks, its headers also uphold the company's commitment to quality and high-performance. To help you decide whether to purchase headers from Kooks or not, check out the following things first:

    Why choose Kooks Headers?

    Proven outstanding performance over the years—this is what makes Kooks' headers special. From various racing events to miles of freeways, Kooks still continues to show that it's a manufacturer of professionally designed and durably constructed headers that are not just good for race car use but also for street driving applications.

    What lengths do Kooks headers come in?

    Kooks' stainless steel headers come in short, medium, and long tube lengths, making it easier for buyers to find the right one according to the requirements of their vehicle. When it comes to choosing among these three different dimensions, it's important that you know the application of each type, as well as their own pros and cons.

    Kooks' long headers are basically perfect for street driving since it produces high power at lower revolutions per minute. Its short headers, on the other hand, are a good choice if your vehicle is lowered but needs an airflow that's better than its stock headers. Lastly, Kooks' mid-length headers can essentially give your car the best of both worlds by providing enough clearance for a lowered vehicle and higher engine power at low- and mid-ranged torque.

  • Understanding Kooks Complete Exhaust Systems Better

    Your vehicle's exhaust system basically releases the exhaust emissions out of the engine and into the atmosphere. With the huge role that it plays on your car's overall performance, the pressure of finding the perfect system to replace the one that's currently installed on your vehicle can become a bit taxing. If you're looking for high quality and superb performance, Kooks' complete exhaust system is your best bet. Still can't decide if it's the perfect choice for your car? Then read on to find out more about this product.

    What makes them unique: What sets Kooks' complete exhaust systems apart from those produced by other brands is their construction and metallurgy. These systems are proudly handcrafted in the USA from high-grade stainless steel material, which makes them exceptionally resistant to corrosion and durable against the harsh effects of everyday wear and tear. Kooks' complete exhaust systems are also available in both axle-back and cat-back configurations, giving the customers a variety of choices to suit their needs.

    Where they fit: From SUVs to sports cars, Kooks' complete exhaust systems are made to fit into different types of vehicles. All you need to do is to find one that matches the make and model of your car. Lucky for you, Kooks is also capable of custom manufacturing complete exhaust systems in case you're unable to find the perfect match for your requirements.

    How easy are they to install: All the necessary installation hardware is already included once you buy a complete exhaust system from Kooks, making it absolutely easy to set up. And since it also comes with headers, catalytic converters, pipes, mufflers, and tips, there's no need for you to make a couple of trips to the auto parts store because you already have all the needed exhaust components bundled up in one assembly.