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There's no time to lose the moment you observe that your engine bearings are showing signs of significant wear. When a bearing goes bad, the results can be catastrophic-that is, severe engine damage that may even render the whole thing useless. To avoid paying up big time at the auto repair shop, install a KS Main Bearing Set as soon as you can. This set includes all the bearings you need to get your engine back in perfect shape.

KS stands for Kolbenschmidt Pierburg Group and it's one of the global leaders in the manufacturing of high-quality automotive parts. If you want a brand you can trust when it comes to auto parts, then you can't go wrong with this one. For instance, their KW Wrist Pin Bushing Set is absolutely the one you're looking for if you want your next wrist pin bushing to last much longer than what you currently have. As you know, the wrist pin bushing receives massive forces every time you drive. So massive, in fact, that some wrist pins literally melt under pressure. But with a Kolbeschmidt wrist pin bushing in your vehicle, you can relax knowing that your bushing will perform excellently for years.

Another part of your car that could cause havoc when it fails is the thrust bearing. As you're probably aware of, aside from reducing friction, this particular bearing has the additional task of controlling your crankshaft's endplay movement. If you hear the bearing clattering or making any sort or noise, you must replace it right away or put other parts in serious danger of failing, as well. The KS Thrust Bearing Set contains every piece of hardware you need to put in a new, flawlessly performing thrust bearing. And all its parts are made of highly durable materials, so expect them to last a very long time.