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Are you looking for the ultimate product to satisfy your car's need for shocks? There is no more need to look any further for KYB has the answers.

KYB has been a leading OE shocks and struts manufacturer for the longest time and is known to be the world's largest supplier of shocks and struts. KYB America LLC makes and distributes a full line of shocks and struts that can be for used for replacement, upgrade and performance applications.

KYB's line include GR2 Premium Shocks and Struts, AGX Sport Adjustable Shocks and Struts and Gas-a-Just High Performance Shocks and MonoMax Heavy Duty Shocks. With KYB's impeccable construction quality and its long years of shock know-how comes the ultimate solution for all your shock absorber problems. KYB's GR2 Premium Shocks and Struts are made for a smooth, secure ride with excellent control. KYB AGX, aka Adjustable Gas shocks, are specifically made for high performance drivers because of its adjustable feature that gives you between four or eight stages of firmness, giving a enough leeway adjustments for the meticulous driver.

With KYB, you are guaranteed of innovative design and advanced engineering that is sure to give you maximum control and satisfaction. Don't just settle for any name, trust a name that has been recognized worldwide for its reliability and superior ride control. Gear your vehicle with KYB's shocks.

KYB Brand Articles

  • Tips on Buying KYB Shocks & Struts

    KYB Shocks are part of a full line of replacement, upgrade and performance applications. KYB Shocks are innovatively designed and use the most advanced engineering possible. KYB shocks and KYB struts are state of the art, recognized worldwide for their proven reliability and superior ride control. KYB Shocks are designed to give a bump-free, safe ride with optimum control for drivers. If you are seeking a comfortable ride with improved handling, KYB Shocks are second to none; no comparison is needed. It is amazing that many manufacturers don't inspect their parts, but KYB does, each and every one. It means getting it right the first time. KYB Shocks are in the hands and on the vehicles of more satisfied customers, which means fewer comebacks. Think about your safety, and your family's. Shocks are very important to safe handling as well as performance handling. Would you trust your car, truck or SUV to a shock that could wear out in transit, or one that will last like KYB? Protect your car with KYB Shocks. Lives may depend on it.
    KYB Struts are also designed to provide the smoothest possible ride, with excellent security and control. Drivers who want the maximum in ride comfort and superior handling seek out KYB struts. Comfort and handling are great things, but one benefit not to be overlooked is the safety factor. If you need a shock that will help keep you or your family safe, due to the improved performance, KYB Struts are the way to go. For high performance drivers and sport enthusiasts, KYB Struts are available in competition-grade models that have incredible engineering and construction. Just like the shocks and struts, the mounts and boots have been given the same KYB care in producing quality parts that meet or exceed original factory specifications. Also like the shocks, KYB Struts are available for both domestic and imported vehicles.
    KYB AGX Sport Adjustable Shocks and Struts let you adjust your dampening level to compensate for unique driving conditions quickly. That means better performance and superior handling, which translate into increased safety. When road conditions worsen, your reaction time to approaching hazards is hindered; a good shock or strut will enable you to handle the unexpected more safely, protecting you and your family. The KYB AGX Sport Adjustable Shocks and Struts use four or eight-stage manual adjustable dampening, making them completely adjustable without being removed from the car. Adjustments take only minutes. KYB AGX Sport Adjustable shocks and struts have competition-grade engineering and rugged construction, which makes them the perfect shocks and struts for both sport enthusiasts and high performance drivers.

  • KYB: Precision & Technology

    Looking for shocks that will hold up even in hash environments? Check out KYB's product line and see if this brand has what you need.
    Whenever your vehicle goes through rough road surfaces, do you bounce around like you're in an enclosed trampoline? If that's the case, you don't need us to tell you that you have a damaged suspension system. Just so you know, vehicle stability and handling is crucial in your automobile, which is exactly what your suspension system is for. To maintain proper stability and better handling, you need to ensure that your shock assembly and your struts are all in topnotch form. Now if these components are starting to lose its effectiveness, now is the right time to have them checked and possibly replaced. When it comes to high-quality shock absorbers and struts, KYB is a brand worth considering.
    KYB is known in the automotive industry as a brand that specializes on providing topnotch suspension system components. In fact, when it comes to supplying OE and aftermarket struts and shocks, this brand is one of the first names on the list. This brand also provides different hydraulic and electronic products suited for your automobile. Now it doesn't matter if you have a sedan, an SUV, or even a motorcycle, this brand provides products that work effectively in automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, buses and other applications. Its products undergo rigorous quality tests to ensure that it will hold up against the harshest of environments. So yeah, quality and performance - that's what you can expect from this brand.
    You don't need us to tell you how important your shock assembly is. What you need to know is what brand provides the best shock and strut components there are. It's KYB's bread and butter to provide the best shock absorbers in the market. So if you want to experience that kind of quality in your shock assembly, don't deprive yourself from getting the best. At the end of the day, it's better to have invested in quality shocks rather than settling for those raggedy shocks that won't give you the cushion and vehicle handling you deserve.

  • Choosing the Right KYB Product, For the Right Job

    When performance dampers are a requirement, not an option, choose KYB shocks and struts

    KYB shocks are selected by more OE manufacturers than any other, so make them your shocks too

    Don't take chances with your safety--KYB shocks and struts can lower stopping distances significantly

    Most popular cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs have KYB shocks and struts available for them

    You have to figure that the companies that buy hundreds of thousands of shocks a year would know the best shocks to buy, right. More automakers choose KYB shocks for their new vehicles than any other brand. And it's not just automakers: KYB shocks can be found on buses, trains, and other industrial equipment that's a lot harder on shocks than your car. If KYB shocks are trusted in those heavy-duty applications, then you know you can trust KYB shocks for your stock or performance vehicle. Shock absorbers, like KYB shocks, are essential elements in preserving your vehicle's ride, handling, and braking, regardless of whether you're driving a 2-seat Italian sports car or a crew cab truck. When you install premium KYB shocks to replace your worn originals, you'll immediately notice the improved control you have in all situations. That makes your car more comfortable and much safer. If you want to step things up a notch, get some high-performance KYB shocks for your ride. The tighter tolerances and firmer damping of performance KYB shocks can transform your street car into a road racer. Either waystock or performancetrust KYB shocks to provide the handling you're looking for.

    Strut your stuff with a new set of KYB struts for your vehicle! There's a lot of confusion about exactly what the difference is between KYB shocks and KYB struts. Basically, they both do the same thing, they just go about it in different fashions. KYB struts form an actual section of the suspension on your vehicle, and act as damper, the spring carrier, and even the control arm on some vehicles. Suspension systems using KYB struts (or any struts, for that matter) are more compact than separate spring and shock suspensions, which is why they've become so common in the past decade or so. Less weight and smaller size means better fuel economy and lower manufacturing costs, so KYB struts show up on a lot of vehicles right off the factory floor. Just like shocks, though, your KYB struts are under a tremendous amount of stress; whenever the car moves, the damper moves, causing wear on your KYB struts. When the time comes to replace them, choose original equipment KYB struts to reclaim the original ride and handling of your vehicle. Or step things up a notch with high performance KYB struts. Whichever configuration you prefer, sticking with premium KYB struts will ensure that you get the quality ride you're looking for at a price you'll agree with.

    If you're really serious about your street or track performance, you can skip all the ordinary shock absorbers out there and go straight for the KYB AGX shocks and struts. With run of the mill shocksheck, even with good shocksyou're stuck with one level of damping. In other words, you'd better like the way your new shocks feel right out of the box, because that's all you're going to get. Not so with KYB AGX shocks and struts. KYB AGX shocks are adjustable between either four or eight stages of firmness, and you can adjust KYB AGX shocks right on your car. No bolting and unbolting shocks looking for the right handlingjust turn a knob, hit the street, and if you're still not satisfied, just ratchet up the damping on your KYB AGX shocks or KYB AGX struts another notch. KYB AGX shocks and struts all come standard with KYB's impeccable construction quality and years of shock know-how. That's what made the company the leading manufacturer of OE shocks and struts for new vehicles. But now, with KYB AGX shocks and struts, you get to choose how you want your vehicle to perform. Choice is a good thingmake the right choice and specify KYB AGX shocks and struts for your touring or sport compact vehicle.