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Installing an oil cooler is a great decision you won't regret. These days, you just can't risk your radiator and engine wearing out too quickly. You need every part of your vehicle to last for as long as possible since buying a new ride isn't economical. But when choosing an oil cooler, go for something that's heavy-duty and guaranteed to last years. After all, it wouldn't be such a good investment if the oil cooler you install stops functioning properly after just a few months or a year. You need something of world-class quality-something like the L&R Oil Cooler.

L&R is well-known to many serious DIY modders out there. The company manufactures various auto parts that comply with the highest industry standards. Their oil cooler is engineered from high-strength materials, so it can withstand extreme temperatures under the hood without wearing out quickly. It's also precision-machined to match many makes and models, so expect the fit to be nothing less than perfect. You'll have no trouble installing this aftermarket part provided you have enough DIY background. Once installed, your oil will cool much more efficiently and your engine, radiator and tranny will all be protected from the adverse effects of extreme temperatures.

As you know, an engine needs transmission fluid and oil to cool down since it generates tremendous amounts of heat once combustion starts. Between 180 to 200 degrees, oil in the engine serves as a coolant, cleanser and lubricant for engine parts. Problems start to happen when, due to various factors, oil is prevented from dissipating its heat fast enough, causing the temperature to rise beyond the acceptable range. Result? Oil loses its cooling and lubricating properties, accelerating the deterioration of the engine, tranny and the oil itself.