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Laitner is the leading manufacturer of car cleaning products.

Your car is exposed to harmful elements each and every day. Weather can be very unforgiving at times. Don't be surprised if after a car wash, your car's paint still looks a decade older. It's time to give it some tender loving care. Sometimes, all you need is some good quality wax to bring back your car's shine. Be sure to use a good quality polishing cloth as well. Don't stop short by using old, worn out rags. Use the Laitner Polishing Cloth. Its soft material won't leave a single scratch on your car. It's also super absorbent to make polishing a whole lot easier. As a tip, when polishing, it always helps to leave the wax for a while after application. This lets the wax cure on the paint surface, filling in small scratches and blending in better with the paint's upper coat. The shine will be even better if you leave the wax to dry under the hot sun. Once it dries, wipe it off with the Laitner Polishing Cloth. It is machine washable and dries quickly so you won't have to spend time or money cleaning it. It's also a lot more durable than most polishing cloths out in the market. No amount of polishing will wear it out. It also does great in polishing the interior of your car. Surely, it's an all–in–one cloth for all your polishing needs – the professional replacement for your old rags. No polishing job is too great with the Laitner Polishing Cloth.

For some of you car owners, washing your cars is a daily routine. You love your cars so much that washing it has become part of your early morning rituals. The only problem is that you might be doing more bad than good for your cars. Wash your car the wrong way and you'll end up adding tiny scratches on its paint. You see, using an old rag or sponge isn't the way you should be doing things. Use the Laitner Wash Mitt instead. The most important part of washing is the initial rinse. Make sure you hose down all visible dirt. The next step is to wash with shampoo. This is where most paint damage occurs. You have to start from your car's roof, then work your way down toward the wheels. Never start from the bottom since that's where all the dirt is. It could stick to your mitt and scratch the rest of your car's surface. Wash your mitt in shampoo now and then to loosen dirt caught in it. The Laitner Wash Mitt is super absorbent, retaining shampoo as you wipe so none of it goes to waste. Its material is highly durable, so no matter how many times you wash your car, it will be as firm and absorbent as ever. Cleaning it should be quite easy because it machine washable and dries up quickly. No fuss, no hustle. Washing your car has never been easier with the Laitner Wash Mitt to help you out.

Old rags are meant to be thrown away. You shouldn't use them to clean your precious car. Even janitors use fresh towels when cleaning. Why should you rely on used, torn rags when cleaning your car? They get filthier and rougher each time you use them. The rougher they get, the greater the chances of these old rags scratching your car. Your car deserves some tender loving care so you better start using something more appropriate – the Laitner Towel. This towel is nothing like the old rags you're used to. It can handle pretty much any cleaning task your car needs – washing, drying and polishing. Made of super soft, 2–ply cotton for ultra softness and toughness, this handy towel won't scratch your car's paint no matter how hard you rub. The super absorbent feature makes it easier to be washed and dried. Surprisingly, it also saves you on car shampoo. You can even use the Laitner Towel to clean the inside of your car. Use it to polish your door, instrument and side panels. Also use it to clean your windows. No cleaning job is too hard to handle with this towel. You can even use it when polishing your car's paint. With just the right thickness, this towel is perfect for applying and removing wax. You won't have any of that greasy feeling on your hands. There are so many things you can do with the Laitner Towel. Hurry up and order a set now!