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There are a lot of car owners who complain of having rock hard clutch pedals. Even when they've had their clutch repaired or replaced, it still doesn't solve their problem. If you're one of them, listen up. It isn't your clutch which is causing the problem. It's most likely your bellhousing. It's that part of your car's drivetrain that covers your clutch and flywheel. If it's damaged, it may cause severe clutch problems such as a hard pedal, or worse, clutch damage. Unless you want to spend more on these parts, get the Lakewood Bellhousing. This isn't just for ordinary applications. It's designed for cars used in professional competitions - drag, stock, trucks and even tractors. You'll get this bellhousing in its raw form. The design lets you custom fit the bellhousing onto your vehicle, especially if yours has custom-built parts. You even have the option to choose whether or not to have a provision for the starter and what kind of linkage fits your clutch system. This is the real deal! The Lakewood Bellhousing is approved for use in competition by all major race sanctioning bodies. This is as professional as you're ever going to get. Whatever race circle you're in - drag, circuit or drifting - this is the bellhousing for you. It even has an optional inspection cover so you can easily adjust your clutch anytime during competition. When it comes to competition, you need equipment that's both versatile and durable. The Lakewood Bellhousing gives you both.

Stop wrestling with your clutch pedal! A rock-hard pedal is the sure sign of a worn out or incorrect installation of the release bearing fork. The fork-as its name suggests-pokes at the clutch release bearing. This disengages the pressure plate from the flywheel whenever you step on the clutch. Once it's worn out, it may slip from the release bearing causing your pedal to freeze. You're only going to give your left leg an unnecessary workout. Replace a worn out fork with the Lakewood Release Bearing Fork. Some other signs of a worn out fork is grinding gears while shifting. That means even if you press on your clutch pedal, your transmission is still spinning in rhythm with your engine. Simply put, your clutch isn't letting go as it's supposed to. That's because the worn out fork can no longer push on the clutch release bearing. If you don't replace it immediately, it could even be more damaging to your clutch and you'll end up spending more. Replace it as soon as possible with the Lakewood Release Bearing Fork. It's made of heavy duty, stamped steel to give ultimate strength and high resistance to wear and tear. It'll last much, much longer than your old, beat up fork. Treated with a zinc dichromate finish, the fork becomes incredibly resistant against rust. No wonder it has been tested and approved even by all the major race sanctioning bodies. Get professional clutch performance with the Lakewood Release Bearing Fork.

If your car's clutch pedal feels sluggish or is too hard to press, don't worry. It's not your knees that are causing the problem. You don't need to take vitamins or exercise at the gym to strengthen your knees. The problem is with your clutch's settings. Even if you've just replaced your clutch - disc, pressure plate, release bearing - it would still feel like awkward if it's not adjusted properly. The Lakewood Clutch Pivot will give you that kind of adjustability. Inside the bellhousing, the clutch fork acts like a crowbar which pushes the release bearing whenever you step on the clutch pedal. This fork rests on the clutch pivot - sort of like a seesaw. The problem is when you install a high performance clutch you may have to adjust the fork. Without an adjustable pivot, you won't be able to solve that problem. What you need is the Lakewood Clutch Pivot. It comes with an adjustable washer which locks the pivot in place. Simply set the pivot's height to adjust clutch play and then tighten the washer to lock it in place. It even comes with an adaptor thread which fits into larger sized pivot bores. Whatever your ride is, this will fit right in. Don't be left out. Having an adjustable clutch fork will give you more freedom to try out high performance clutch kits. You just have to upgrade a little. Order the Lakewood Clutch Pivot now and set your clutch right.