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Land Rover Antenna

For many drivers of the Land Rover, the radio is an extremely useful and entertaining device. Unfortunately, it is not very hard to bend or break the Land Rover antenna, due to its flexible design. Without an antenna, the radio is nearly useless, because it needs an exposed piece of metal to capture the broadcasted radio waves. As the Land Rover antenna receives a radio wave, the very finite amount of electro-magnetic power contained within the wave begins to move the electrons of the metal. Metal is used because, unlike plastic, the electrons in metal are relatively easy to separate from the individual modules. Once these moving electrons descend the length of the Land Rover antenna, the electronics within the radio amplify the signal and transform the radio wave into an audio broadcast that can be understood by human ears. When you find that you must obtain a replacement for the Land Rover antenna, do not look to the dealership for service. Instead, look through our online catalog, where you will find a replacement of equal quality for much less. Our Land Rover antenna is just as durable as the dealership's part and comes with a full warranty to ensure its quality. If your original part was one of the retractable types, we also carry the correct replacement for your vehicle. In addition to the Land Rover antenna, our online catalog has a full selection of other products that will help you repair, maintain, protect, and customize your Land Rover, and they are all exceptional values for the price. With our quick shipping, any product you order, including the Land Rover antenna, will arrive very soon.