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Land Rover CV Boot

Perhaps no other gasket on your vehicle has such an important function as your Land Rover CV boots. Land Rover CV boots are part of your vehicle's suspension system. The job of the Land Rover CV boot is to protect the delicate CV joints found at the ends of your axle shaft. CV joints bear the weight of your vehicle, and must be heavily lubricated and protected in order to function properly. Therefore, your Land Rover CV boots need to be tough and impenetrable. Land Rover CV boots are constructed with durable, heavy-duty rubber that is designed to resist nicks, cracks, and tearing. You may be able to replace a damaged Land Rover CV boot if you discover the problem right away, but often by the time you notice a rip in your CV boot the damage has already been done. When contaminants enter through a breach in your Land Rover CV boot, your CV joint can be compromised quickly. It is possible to flush contaminants from your CV joints and repack them, but often this procedure does not produce the desired results. There are a few ways you can tell whether your Land Rover CV boots have been damaged. You should perform a visual inspection of your Land Rover CV boots with every oil change and look for rips or leaks. Also, if you hear a grinding noise while you're driving or a popping sound when you turn your wheels, it may be time to replace your Land Rover CV boots. Since the CV joints are so delicate, it is usually a good idea to replace them along with your Land Rover CV boots so you can start with a freshly sealed system. You may even want to replace your entire axle assembly. Browse our online catalogue for a full selection of Land Rover CV boots, CV joints and axle assemblies at great prices.