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Land Rover Distributor Cap

The Land Rover distributor cap can be found on top of the distributor, which is the immobile housing that surrounds a rotating shaft called a distributor rotor. Judging by the name of this part, you may think the only function of a Land Rover distributor cap is to cover the distributor. However, your Land Rover distributor cap is actually a crucial component of your vehicle's ignition system. In the center of the Land Rover distributor cap is a contact point. Voltage flows from the distributor to the Land Rover distributor cap, where it is then sent through the spark plug wires attached to the contact to various spark plugs in your engine. The spark plug points open or close according to the information sent by the Land Rover distributor cap. Without a properly functioning Land Rover distributor cap, your vehicle's ignition timing will be off, which causes misfires, stalling, stumbling and hesitation. A faulty Land Rover distributor cap can also decrease your fuel efficiency. Your Land Rover distributor cap should be changed at least every two years or 15,000 miles, along with the distributor rotor. Due to the high voltage that passes through this component, the Land Rover distributor cap can develop carbon tracking, which impairs its ability to function. If you notice cracks or black buildup in your Land Rover distributor cap, you should replace it as soon as possible, as your engine's timing is not working as it should. You can find the Land Rover distributor cap that fits your vehicle's make and model when you browse our extensive online catalogue. We'll ship your new Land Rover distributor cap right to your door.