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Land Rover LR3 Parts and Land Rover LR3 Accessories

Thinking of getting a new SUV? You have to check out the Land Rover LR3. America's top-selling luxury SUV and ultimate 4X4, this baby offers the rugged style of an off-road truck without sacrificing the convenience of an SUV. Thanks to its high-quality Land Rover LR3 parts, this vehicle is more than just your ordinary truckits prowess is definitely unmatched by its competitors, the Acura MDX or the Lexus 350. Some of these remarkable components include a 4.4 liter V8 engine, fully independent suspension, a six-speed automatic transmission, and a permanent 4WD that makes it perfect for all-terrain driving.

What makes the Land Rover LR3 stand out is its Terrain Response Technology; this allows the driver to reconfigure the engine, transmission, suspension, and Traction settings to ensure drivability in all road conditions. All he or she has to do is to turn the dial on the dashboard and bamthe truck will be fully equipped to handle the challenging terrain ahead. Land Rover also doesn't skimp on comfort; the LR3's seats will definitely cushion your back and your butt no matter how bumpy the ride gets. It is definitely a workhorse that lives up to the expectations of off-road enthusiasts and a luxury auto that provides the passenger comfort everybody wants in a car.

In spite of these awesome features, the Land Rover LR3 still needs to improve on some aspects. Its complex dashboard makes it difficult to identify which control activates certain systems. Its third-row seat is also difficult to reach and to fold. Fuel economy is also a major issuebudget-conscious drivers won't appreciate its measly 17 MPG rating in highway driving. Though it has a number of issues, overall, this truck is still a great piece of machine. So if you've got one, maintain it regularly and invest on top-notch Land Rover LR3 parts to keep it running at its peak.