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Land Rover Motor And Transmission Mount

Your engine does not simply stay inside your vehicle by itself. Beneath your hood, you will find your hard-working Land Rover engine mount keeping everything in place. Modern Land Rover engine mounts are more than slabs of rubber sandwiched between steel sheets. Your Land Rover engine mount has been precisely engineered to provide the best support for your engine. Land Rover engine mounts are manufactured with specific rubber hardness, molded shapes, and air gaps called voids that serve to fine-tune the mounts to the engine. Some Land Rover engine mounts take modern technology a step further with the inclusion of hydraulic chambers filled with silicon fluid. Your Land Rover engine mount may even be electronically controlled. Most people never consider replacing their Land Rover engine mounts, but they are among the most common components to become worn over time. If your vehicle has more than 60,000 miles on it and still has the stock Land Rover engine mounts it was built with, you may want to check the engine mounts for signs of stress. Cracked or twisted Land Rover engine mounts cannot provide the support your heavy engine needs to stay in placeand when your engine starts to shift around under your hood, it is easy to damage other parts. You may even notice leaks around your Land Rover engine mounts if they are made with hydraulic chambers. Outside of visible wear, a shuddering engine that feels like it's moving around while you drive usually indicates that your Land Rover engine mounts are worn. You can find the replacement Land Rover engine mounts that are designed specifically for your vehicle in our extensive online catalogue.

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