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Land Rover Spark Plug Wire

Your Land Rover spark plug wires function to link your spark plug to your distributor coil or cap, and relay the ignition produced by both. One common malfunction of your Land Rover spark plug wires is a failure of the connecting parts that allow the wires to vibrate loose, which means that the contact is faulty and their performance can suffer, and can even contribute to arcing of voltage, which can damage other ignition system parts. Another common source of malfunction is fluid having leaked onto your Land Rover spark plug wires, causing them to lose their firmness and become softened and gummy. Damaged Land Rover spark plug wires can cause your spark plugs to misfire, which can be a contributing factor to a whole host of mechanical problems throughout your ignition and combustion systems. That is why it is usually recommended by most suggested maintenance schedules that your Land Rover spark plug wires should be replaced once a year, keeping them from becoming worn enough to cause other engine problems. Replacing your Land Rover spark plug wires is one of the simpler of automotive maintenance tasks and, if you work with just one wire at a time, you are virtually guaranteed success. Replacing one wire at a time avoids the possibility of mixing the order and interfering with your vehicle's ability to run properly or even at all. We offer a full selection of Land Rover spark plug wires at reasonable prices, and that selection spans numerous years and models. Once you have found the correct Land Rover spark plug wires for your vehicle, you can order them via our encrypted ordering site or dial our toll-free telephone number to place your order directly with one of our customer service specialists.