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Never take a bad tie rod end lightly as it typically results in wheel misalignment and excessive play. This is dangerous since your vehicle could suddenly pull to one side on the road, increasing your risk of getting involved in a potentially fatal accident. Good thing you don't have to worry about this problem as long as you install a new tie rod end. But there are many flimsy tie rod ends out there, so to make sure your next replacement part lasts longer than the one you currently have, go for a Latoka Tie Rod End.

Considering how important the tie rod and the tie rod end are to your vehicle's overall operation, you can't trust just any manufacturer for your replacement part. To get the best results, choose Latoka, a company that has been supplying high-quality aftermarket parts to countless motorists for years. The company uses the latest computer-aided technologies to design its parts and the most precise machining equipment for cutting and building. With this heavy-duty tie rod end in your vehicle, you can instantly get rid of the excessive play in your driving.

As you know, the tie rod is responsible for transmitting force from the steering center link to the steering knuckle. Wear and tear take their toll on the tie rod end 'til it causes major problems to different aspects of your vehicle's performance, especially to wheel misalignment. Such misalignment, in turn, causes uneven tire wear, which means you'd have to change your tires sooner and more frequently. Aside from this, expect your tires to sag as this is another common symptom of a bad tie rod end.