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Car Bra by Lebra

Are you looking for full front-end protection for your vehicle that can withstand any weather condition that Mother Nature throws at you? Well, the LeBra All Weather Car Bra is your answer then. This car bra is made to add stylish looks to your ride while still protecting it from all weather conditions and road debris.

The LeBra All Weather Car Bra is crafted with durable leather grain vinyl that is microperforated and durable. This outer material is designed to help your car's finish breathe while it protects your car's finish from road debris such as small rocks, flying bugs, and road tar. And, since the cover is microperforated, it quickly dries itself as your drive so there is no need to take it off during a rainstorm or snowstorm. This liner also comes with a paint safe knit inner lining that protects your car's finish from scratches.

Installation is easy too. The Lebra All Weather Car Bra is designed to go on in less than fifteen minutes without any tools or additional hardware. The 2-piece design of this bra gives you complete protection while still allowing you access under the hood. It also includes woven nylon straps, molded plastic hooks, and adhesive Velcro strips for durable attachment. And, it comes with a 90-day warranty.

Protect your car before its too late. Add style and function to the front end of your ride by purchasing the LeBra All Weather Car Bra today. Order now and take advantage of our great shipping options.

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  • Lebra Series: Racing

    Lebra Car Bra

    Want full projection for the front end of your vehicle? Looking for protection that can stand up to the weather too? The LeBra Racing Car Bra can give you all the protection you are after while still looking great on the front of your ride.

    The LeBra Racing Car Bra is designed with strength and protection in mind. The outer layer of leather grain vinyl is microperforated so it allows your car's finish to breathe while it offers it durable protection against flying road debris. Things like rocks, rock chips, bugs, and road tar will never bother your paint job again. And, with the unique design of the outer layer, you never have to worry about removing it in wet weather. The bra simply dries itself as you drive down the road. Best of all, the paint safe inner knit lining won't scratch or scar your finish.

    The LeBra racing Car Bra is also designed with installation in mind. The bra comes with all of the necessary hardware, woven nylon straps, molded plastic hooks, and adhesive Velcro strips, so no additional parts are tools are needed. Installation takes less than 15 minutes. And once it is on, you still have full under the hood access. And, it comes with a 90-day warranty. Red, yellow, blue and purple

    Give your ride the best in protection and style by purchasing a new LeBra Racing Car Bra today. The bra comes in four great color choices- red, blue, yellow, and purple- and includes a ninety-day warranty.