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Tonneau Cover by LeBra

The Ultimate LeBra Tonneau Cover Guide

When shopping for a tonneau cover, what do you take into consideration? Do you just buy the first product you see? Well, the answer would of course be no. Since a tonneau cover is responsible for protecting the gear in your truck bed, that wouldn't be recommendable-you always have to think twice before buying one. So when you see a certain branded product like the LeBra tonneau cover, you will find yourself asking these three questions: what are its features? Will it fit my pickup truck's bed? How can I make it last long without breaking? Fortunately, you can find the answers to all these questions below:

What makes it reliable: What sets the LeBra tonneau cover apart is its top-mounted system as it provides more benefits than other tonneau covers with an inside-mounted system. One of the top-mounted system's advantages is that it is easy to install-it will only take you up to 30 minutes to do so. Its corners, bows, rails, and clamps have been pre-assembled in the factory so all you need to do is mount the tonneau cover. If you need full access to your pickup bed, you can easily remove the cover as well. And as a plus, it also allows for a bed extender, which is useful when carrying a lot of stuff. Of course, this component will not really be useful if it is not water-resistant. Unlike other brands, the LeBra tonneau cover sits on top of the bed and not on the inside rails. This helps prevent leaks that can damage the gear inside your pickup bed. Plus, the tonneau cover's side rails have full gaskets in order to further enhance its water resistance and better protect the truck bed.

Where it fits: The LeBra tonneau cover will fit any pickup with a long bed, which is usually 8 feet long.

How to maximize the lifespan of your LeBra tonneau cover: While the LeBra tonneau cover is rugged and can usually withstand the test of time and weather, you will still need to care for it. Keep an eye on the edges as well as the areas under bows and where the arch supports meet the component. These parts are the most vulnerable to dirt, wear and tear, and fraying. You can clean the component with a mild soap and a medium-sized brush.

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LeBra Tonneau Cover Articles

  • What to Expect from a LeBra Tonneau Cover

    The LeBra tonneau cover claims to be better than others in different ways. First, it is faster to install-the makers of the product claim that you can do it in 30 minutes or less. Second, it is designed to prevent leaks that can damage the haul inside the truck bed. And third, it covers the whole truck bed without taking up space reserved for your cargo. With these claims, it is no wonder why a lot of pickup truck owners have been trying out the LeBra tonneau cover. However, is it really worth buying? Here's some quick info that can help answer the question:

    How well does it perform? (4/5 stars)

    The LeBra tonneau cover might just be one of the most flexible covers in the market-you can open it from the back of the truck or just right behind the cab. You can expose part of the truck bed or even remove the whole thing in less than a minute. The tonneau cover weighs an average of 15 lbs. too, so it should not be a problem for one person to remove it. Its material is designed to be weather proof and stretch resistant, guaranteeing that whatever you leave in the truck bed will remain protected. While the fabric is durable, you would want to watch out for the clamps-they might not last as long as the cover itself.

    Is it easy to install? (5/5 stars)

    The makers of the LeBra tonneau cover have always claimed that you can install the component in less than 30 minutes. Well, guess what: you can easily do it in 10. Because all of its parts have been pre-assembled at the factory, you will only have to set it on the truck bed, unfold it, and attach the clamps. The hardest part of the process would probably be taking the tonneau cover out of the packaging.

    Is it worth the price? (4/5 stars)

    Do not be fazed by this product's price. While the LeBra tonneau cover is not cheap, it is well worth the investment. You will be satisfied with this component the moment you open the box and install it. Rain or shine, it will protect your gear inside the truck bed. As long as you keep it clean, you can expect this tonneau cover to last a long time.

    Overall rating: 4.33/5