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A vehicle that abnormally pulls to one side while running is frustrating to drive. It's also dangerous, especially in poor visibility when you can't precisely judge distances to the curb and to other vehicles on the road. That's why you should replace your bad tie rod end as soon as possible since it has probably misaligned your wheels, introducing excessive play into your driving. But you should make sure that your replacement tie rod end is extremely durable or you may find yourself paying up to change it again in the future. If you want to make a long-term investment, use a Lemfoerder Tie Rod End as replacement part.

It's hard to find fault with Lemfoerder as it has inherited and intensively developed over 60 years of chassis technology engineering, which is considered a tradition in the town of Lemforde, Germany. It's a sister company of other well-known European manufacturers such as Boge, Sachs and ZF Parts. It's also an OE supplier to major European brands, including BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi, Volvo and Saab. So if you're looking for a name you can trust for your replacement parts, you can't go wrong with this company. Aside from their tie rod end, you should also install their famous Lemfoerder Tie Rod Assembly, which contains all the parts you need to bring your tie rod back to perfect form.

The excessive play and poor handling of your vehicle may also be caused by a bad sway bar link. As you may know, the sway bar is a suspension support component that reduces the vehicle's body roll, especially during cornering. If your vehicle excessively leans as it corners and produces clicks and rattles, then there's a big chance the bar is broken. But don't worry as there's also a Lemfoerder Sway Bar Link that you can easily install to get rid of all your handling issues. With this heavy-duty sway bar link on, you'll never have a problem with cornering ever again.