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Lexus Antenna

A dangling antenna on your Lexus may detract from the entire look of the vehicle. Fortunately, our online catalog has many versions of the Lexus antenna, one of which will fit your specific vehicle. The Lexus antenna is used to receive radio waves form the air. When a radio station broadcasts, it sends a large amount of electromagnetic energy into the air. Because the Lexus antenna is made of metal, the electrons within it will easily be coaxed to move molecule to molecule by even a small amount of energy. When these electrons reach the radio, the signal that they are mirroring is amplified by the radio to a level that can be easily heard by the average person. Without a large Lexus antenna, the signal is not strong enough to reach the radio. If your Lexus antenna is broken and you are a radio fan, you will find the correct model to replace it within the pages of our online catalog. It is designed to be a direct replacement for the original unit, making the installation as easy as removing the base of the old part and replacing it with the new Lexus antenna. Many vehicles today come with the option of a powered retractable antenna, and most of the time, it is the motor that fails. If you need a new powered Lexus antenna, you will find the correct one in our catalog for much less than what the dealership would charge. Both versions of the Lexus antenna come with a full warranty from the manufacturer, and they will last at least as long as the original units did. You will be able to listen to the radio again soon, with our very efficient shipping system.