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Lexus Corner Light

Lexus is a brand name of luxury automobiles operating under the Toyota Motor Corporation for the purpose of exporting markets in North America, Middle East, Europe, Africa, Latin America, Asia and Oceania. For additional information, the name Lexus was derived from Luxury Exports to the US and also attributed to the combination of the words luxury and elegance which gives an implication of the vehicle's character. The Lexus, according to some notable automotive authorities, have a better edge in terms of quality, reliability, and dealer experiences over other luxury brands such as the European Audi, BMW, Jaguar and Mercedes Benz, the American Cadillac, Lincoln, Buick and Chrysler, and co-Japanese brands Acura and Infiniti.

Together with the Mercedes Benz which showcases refined styling, and BMW which is known for quality performance, the Lexus that exhibits optimum level of luxury, service and reliability forms the world's three finest automobile brands. With Lexus being motivated by the success of the ultra sporty Toyota Supra and the luxury Toyota Cressida models, by which when combined and added with a lot of features and amenities becomes an incomparable automobile which is basically set on Lexus models. The year 1989marked the beginning of production of the Lexus-branded models, the V8 powered LS 400, and the smaller Toyota Camry-based ES 250.

Some of the Lexus cars that were admired are the compact rear-wheel drive IS, the mid-size four-wheel drive ES, the mid-size rear-wheel drive, the full-size rear-wheel drive LS, the coupe and coupe convertible SC, the crossover SUV RX, the mid-size SUV GX, the large SUVs LX and JX, and the concept cars LFC and LF-A. Having one of this cars can really bring pride to the owner, much more if he knows how to improve it such as adding some touch of functionality and convenience using Lexus clear corners. These clear corners or side marker lights are located in the front corner of a vehicle and usually beside the headlights, and on the side of the fender or quarter pane, and in some cases, included on a wrap around bumper.