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Lexus ES330 Parts and Lexus ES330 Accessories

Frequent Lexus ES330 Defects

Luxury and affordability rolled into one-this is how automotive critics have primarily described the Lexus ES330. In fact, this model also has impressive fuel economy. These are probably just some of the reasons why this mid size luxury sedan has been a favourite among many car enthusiasts. However, before buying an auto, a good tip would be to know more about common car defects. So here are a few common problems encountered with the car, so owners can prepare in case such issues arise.

Ignition lock problems

Lexus manufacturers prioritize in providing safety features on their cars so that auto owners are able to enjoy a trouble-free ride. But, some of these features have been reported as problematic. In fact, Lexus owners, including those owning the ES330, have reported an ignition lock defect. Most owners complained that this safety feature prevented the key from being turned on. This can be annoying, especially if the owner is late for a meeting or is trying to beat traffic. Luckily, some owners have found a quick solution. For repair, drivers simply removed their keys from the ignition and steered the wheel in one direction until the part was locked. A locked steering wheel is a signal that the Lexus is good to go. So if they are already locked, try inserting the key again to find out if it works.

Tire defects

Another common occurrence for Lexus ES330 is a tire problem. In one report, it was found out that these tires have a tendency to blowout when driving. The 2005 model seems to have this defect more frequently. In some cases, cupping tires were found. These tires also produced a screeching noise. Lexus manufacturers claimed that the stock Toyo branded wheels were the culprits for the tires' premature wear.

Flawed transmission

The 2005 models of Lexus ES330 were also found to exhibit an engine hesitation problem. Drivers criticized its problematic changing of gears. There were times when the transmission settles back to first gear, even if it was set differently. And often times, this transmission defect causes a jerking motion. Not only that, other Lexus drivers also complained of acceleration hesitation. This defect is more prominent when stuck in traffic.