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Lexus GS400 Air Filter

Tips on Troubleshooting the Lexus GS400 Air Filter

The air filter is made of fibrous material, which blocks solid particles and contaminants from entering the engine, hence making it perform really well. However, since this is dainty, and dirt could easily build up in the gaps, it's unavoidable for it to wear out, especially if it's taking in a lot of dust and grime. You will also begin to encounter problems with the engine, which should never be ignored. Here are some tips on how you can detect symptoms of a bad Lexus GS400 air filter.

Gasoline smell from the exhaust

Whenever you start the vehicle, and you start smelling gas that's coming from the exhaust, it could mean that the air filter is damaged and that it either needs to be cleaned or replaced. Gasoline smell is caused by lack of air getting into the fuel injection system, which may be due to a clogged air filter. Because of this, unnecessary fuel for the combustion would be blown out in the exhaust.

Black smoke from the exhaust

Seeing black smoke emissions from the exhaust should be alarming to you; normally, it should be white or clear. The dark smoke is caused by a clogged air filter, which either needs to be washed or replaced if it's already worn out. When this happens, more fuel would be used in the combustion, which then causes black emissions to exit the exhaust pipe.

Reduced gas mileage

If you start noticing that your gas mileage has lessened, then you should be aware that it could be caused by a dirty air filter. If this is clogged, there's lower oxygen in the mixture, and the engine would use more than enough fuel for it to function. Hence, the mileage would significantly drop.

Engine noises

Rough engine sounds should also be alarming to you, and this can be caused by worn spark plugs. The root of this problem can be traced down to a dirty air filter. Because of this, the plugs could not have been firing because the head could be filthy, which is caused by grime residue on the spark lead from the rich fuel mixture.

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  • Lexus GS400 Air Filter Upkeep Tips

    Using the car with a dirty air filter definitely defeats the purpose of your driving it. The filter basically enables your engine to breathe properly by blocking the solid particles and contaminants that could affect the performance of your vehicle. Keeping it clean at all times can greatly improve your driving experience and fuel efficiency. Here are some tips that you can use to properly maintain the Lexus GS400 air filter.

    Vacuum or wash the air filter.

    These are two of the effective ways on how you can get your air filter clean. Different people use different techniques, and you just have to find one that best suits you. Some owners would swear by using a cleaning solution since you can completely freshen up the filter. But, you have to be careful not to install it back in when it's still wet since this can damage the engine. You also have to make sure that the kind of air filter you have is the washable type.

    On the other hand, some people would recommend vacuuming the air filter. This is ideal for on-the-go drivers out there, who just want to clear out the particles from the gaps as easy as 1-2-3. Though this might not get all the contaminants out, it's a quick process and certainly won't damage the air filter.

    Clean up the container.

    When cleaning the air filter, don't forget to sanitize the canister as well because there could also be dust buildup that could creep its way up to the filter. You can just easily do it by using a soft cloth or fresh paper towels, just make sure that you clear up the buildup. If you're going to use a wet towel, keep in mind to completely dry out the canister before putting the air filter back. Take note that any moisture can damage the engine.

    Clean over the weekend.

    A good time to clean the air filter would be during the weekends. You'll have to make sure that you won't need to use the vehicle for several hours because washing the air filter could take at least three to five hours to complete the whole process.