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Lexus GX470 Parts and Lexus GX470 Accessories

Tidbits of Cute Information about the Lexus GX470

  • The Lexus GX470's competitors include the BMW X5, Cadillac SRX, Hummer H3, Land Rover LR3, Lincoln Aviator, Mercedes-Benz M-Class, Porsche Cayenne, Saab 9-7X, Volkswagen Touareg, and Volvo XC90. It also competes with luxury brands as Europe's Audi and Jaguar, the American Cadillac, and Japanese peers Acura and Infiniti.

  • To call the Lexus GX470 a truck-based sport utility vehicle is a little misleading because the ride one experiences inside it is quiet and smooth. But a truck-based SUV it is, so if one wants to blaze trails in the $46,000 rig, the GX will be happy to oblige.

  • The GX basically is a Toyota 4Runner dressed to the nines, similar to the Lexus' other midsize sport utility, the RX330, which is a bit smaller and is based on the Camry sedan. It is meant to combine a high-quality interior with high-mountain adventure. However, the GX470 was originally based on the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado (J120). The two vehicles shared a common platform, mechanicals, and bodyworks; therefore they have common basic dimensions. Likewise, the interiors were much the same, with the Lexus receiving further premium touches. Even the GX470's production occurred at the same place as the Prado's-at the Tahara plant in Japan. One can say that Lexus GX470 parts and Lexus GX470 accessories are similar to the Prado's. The GX470 essentially lived on as the redesigned Lexus GX460.

  • Hunter Communications, the agency that designed the "L" logo of the Lexus GX470 and also presented the name to Toyota executives and managers, said Lexus came from the "LE" on the automaker's luxury edition vehicles, which created the acronym "Luxury Edition for the United States" or "LEUS" with the "x" from luxury added to form "LEXUS".

  • The Lexus GX470 has won various awards including "Four Wheeler of the Year" in 2003 and 2004 from Four Wheeler magazine. J.D. Power and Associates named the GX470 the highest-ranked premium luxury SUV in 2005, and Kelley Blue Book gave the GX470 its Best Resale Value Award in 2006.

  • The Lexus GX470 has not been crash tested by the federal government or the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety but it offers an array of standard and optional safety features such as driver and passenger airbags; four-wheel disc brakes; electronic stability control; child safety locks; emergency trunk release; four-wheel antilock braking system; brake assist; daytime running lights; and traction control.

  • Lexus GX470 Parts

    Lexus GX470 Articles

    • Lexus GX470 Common Problems

      Lexus boasts of quality Lexus GX470 parts and Lexus GX470 accessories, plus an adequate passenger and cargo room. However, the Lexus GX470 is not perfect. Here are some of its reported imperfections.

      Driveshaft problems

      The number one most common problem in this area is related to the vehicle's driveshaft, with drivers complaining of a thumping sound that comes from there while driving and accelerating. Lexus is aware of the problem and states many of the GX470s have it. However, service techs acknowledged that replacing the driveshaft doesn't resolve the problem.

      Drivers have also complained of rotor problems. After only 15,000 miles excessive wear out of both front and rear brake pads and rotors was reported. The safety concern is the sensation of movement of the car-this is startling and could potentially cause a driver to remove his foot from the brake, possibly leading to an accident.

      The transmission design is defective; the vehicle lunges and thrusts forward while the brake is firmly engaged as a result of the defect. The rear driveshaft allows the full weight of the vehicle to slide forward causing a loud thump and propel the vehicle in a forward motion several inches despite having the brake engaged.

      Power train problems

      Drivers complain of a thumping noise when releasing the brake pedal-a sound that feels like someone is tapping at the rear of the vehicle. Also complained about was a hard accelerating sulfur smell entering the cabin, unintended acceleration of the Lexus GX470 when shifting from park to drive, and jerking when shifting at low speeds.

      Vehicle speed control problems

      There have been complaints of the Lexus GX470 suddenly accelerating even when car owners had no intention of the vehicle doing that. Calls of an investigation of all Lexus GX vehicle speed control systems to determine if they develop flaws over time or if there's an issue inherent with the system that causes the uncontrolled skids were made.

      General issues

      General issues drivers experienced were air conditioner condenser leaks; ride height sensors going bad; vibration through the steering wheel and gas pedal; and the DVD player making a high-pitched noise when not in use, especially when idling.