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Lexus GX470 Cabin Air Filter

Quick Fixes for Common Problems with the Lexus GX470 Cabin Air Filter

There are two aspects to the Lexus GX470's air conditioning system-and all cars for that matter-the first is that it is supposed to keep things cool. That's the bit that few people are likely to miss-what with keeping cool all important today in a world of increasing global temperatures. The second, and less obvious, is that the air conditioning system is supposed to make sure that only clean air reaches you and your passengers inside your Lexus. This last bit is only really noticed when your senses are assaulted by smelly, noxious, and thoroughly dirty air. That's why it's important to watch for the signs that your cabin air filter is on the fritz.

Dirty air

Your cabin air filter primarily keeps solid particles out; particles like dust or tiny pebbles. If you notice that the air in your cabin is getting stuffy and "thick" with dust, it's likely that your air filter has failed miserably. Of course, the first step is to make sure you didn't just set your air conditioning unit to allow outside air in-that will let most particles in anyway. Once you're sure that it's set to internal air conditioning only, you can safely assume that it's most certainly the Lexus GX470 cabin air filter at fault. Technically, you can still repair your busted air filter-especially if the "damage" is just a clogged-up portion. Economically, however, it really is better to just replace the entire thing-that won't cost you much money anyway.

Smelly air

This is only partially a symptom of a failed cabin air filter because a number of things can stink up the air in your cab. For example, if an animal dies under the hood, that will cause a bad smell not tied to your filter. It does, however, allow you the chance to check your cabin air filter all the same. Sometimes, mud and dirt built up on your cabin air filter can rot-if it has any biological matter on it-and cause a stink. So, if the air smells bad, clean up your Lexus GX470 cabin air filter. That might take care of the stink. If it doesn't at least you've crossed the filter off the list.

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  • Keeping Your Lexus GX470 Cabin Air Filter in Great Shape

    Even though you probably invested in a Lexus GX470 for the power and performance that the SUV can bring, you probably still put a high premium on comfort and keeping cool. When you hear "comfort" and "keeping cool", what you inevitably think of is the air conditioning in your car. An integral part of the air conditioning system is the cabin air filter. The way things work, you see, is that the air that keeps you cool comes from the outside-air that is chockfull of allergens and other nasty substances. The cabin air filter serves to keep all the nasty and harmful particles out so you are not only cool but healthy as well. For that reason, keeping the filter clean and well-maintained is very important.

    Keep it clean

    Because it is responsible for keeping dirt and other particles out of your passenger, it's inevitable that your cabin air filter becomes very, very dirty. This all plays directly into the performance of the filter-the dirtier it gets the less efficient and effective it actually is. Thankfully, cleaning it is a really simple thing to do. Just detach the cabin air filter with a screwdriver and run it under warm water. It's really not recommended that you soap-up the filtration vents as these are very fragile. Just a quick wash while you pick out the bigger gobs of dirt and dust off the surface of the fins should to the trick. You only really need to do this once a year to make it last an appreciable amount of time.

    Inspect it carefully

    This should be done more often than the actual cleaning-at least once every month. Make sure you run your hand and fingers across the surface of the filtration fins. If, at any time, you start to notice that the material that comprises the fin starts to harden and become brittle, it's a good indicator that it is already caked-up with dirt, and possibly needs immediate replacing. By this point, cleaning you Lexus GX470 cabin air filter isn't really going to do you any good.