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Lexus IS250 Brake Disc

Lexus IS250 Brake Disc Maintenance: A Few Important Tips You Should Remember

Your Lexus IS250 is a stunning luxury car that boasts sporty performance and advanced technology features. Wouldn't it be such a waste if this beautiful investment of yours gets into an accident because of a malfunctioning brake disc?

A brake disc is a part of your vehicle's brake system which plays a very important role of keeping you safe while you're cruising out on the road. If it weren't for this component, you wouldn't be able to decelerate your car even when your need to. It's extremely important that you keep it in perfect working condition to avoid putting you and other people in danger. Check out some of the following helpful tips you should keep in mind when maintaining your Lexus IS250 brake disc:

  • Scrupulously follow the brake disc checkup schedule that's suitable for your vehicle.

Brake system inspection is one of the most basic maintenance routines that you must perform throughout the entire life of your Lexus. When performing this task, you should pay extra attention to the state of the brake disc. This is usually done every 10,000 miles; however, you should also consider your driving style and vehicle's performance in order to figure out the schedule that will best benefit your brake disc. Doing this not only prevents damage from occurring or getting worse, but also keeps ride safety at optimum level.

  • Make sure that it's completely free of corrosion and dirt.

A corroded or contaminated brake disc is a common cause of brake system malfunction. So, don't make the mistake of thinking that a tiny amount of dirt or a small rusty area won't affect the braking performance of your car, because it surely will. Keeping your Lexus IS250 brake disc neat is an easy and yet advantageous chore that can be done in a jiffy. Splurge on a premium quality brake cleaner to effectively wash off dirt, debris, and grime from the surface of the brake disc.

  • Go the extra mile in keeping other brake components in proper shape.

No matter how much effort you put into keeping your brake disc in excellent shape, if you don't take good care of the other brake system components, all your efforts will just be for naught. Always check the fluid level, brake pad, and caliper. Make sure that everything is in proper condition to avoid premature brake disc damage.

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  • Identifying the Causes Behind the Three Warning Signs of a Damaged Lexus IS250 Brake Disc

    Brake disc problems rarely ensue, but that doesn't mean that they're impossible to occur. You shouldn't be lax in keeping an eye out for issues that may be connected with your Lexus IS250 brake disc. The last thing you'd want is for your brakes to stop working while you're driving fast on the highway.

    Keeping yourself prepared for any disc-related problem is one good way to prevent accidents and costly damage from happening. You need not to worry though, because diagnosing these possible issues is quite an easy process, especially when you know what to look out for. Here are some of the things that may indicate that you have a malfunctioning brake disc:

    Vibrating brake pedal or steering wheel

    One of the most prevalent warning signs of a failing brake disc is an unmistakable brake pedal and steering wheel pulsation each time you try to decelerate your vehicle. Every minute counts when it comes to brake problems, and this is why you shouldn't wait any longer before checking up on your brake disc the moment you start feeling this symptom. You may have a warped or irregularly grooved disc on your hands. Measure its thickness using a dial gauge to see if you can get it turned by a professional.

    Metallic grinding noise

    Screeching noises are an obvious indication that one metal component of the brake system is grinding into another metal part. It's probably your Lexus IS250 brake disc contacting with the metal backing plates of deteriorated brake pads. If this has been going on for a long time now, your brake disc may have formed severe run outs that are impossible to resurface. Again, it's highly recommended that you diagnose this issue as soon as possible. Visually inspect the brake pads first to verify if they're indeed the source of your woes. If so, they definitely need to be replaced to avoid sustaining further damage. You should check the disc next to evaluate the extent of damage. Repair or replace it as needed.

    Inconsistent disc color

    Brake disc discoloration is usually identified only when you perform routine brake checkups. A brake disc may get discolored when it becomes too overheated. Overheating occurs when the type disc that's you have on your car does not suit your driving style. This problem usually calls for a replacement, so it would be better to take your car to a professional.