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Lexus LS400 Corner Lights

Common Lexus Ls400 Corner Lights Issues and How to Fix Them

As auxiliary lights, the corner lights of your Lexus LS400 are very important because they help keep you safe especially at night. Unfortunately, due to every day use and other factors, these lights eventually get damaged. As a result, you will experience problems that you might find difficult to solve if you are not an experienced DIYer. So you won't panic in case these lights become faulty while you are on the road, check out the list of the common corner light-related problems and their solutions below.

Fogged corner lights

Over time, the corner lights of your Lexus LS400 will become foggy or hazy due to accumulated dirt and oxidation. Once this occurs, your safety, especially at night, will be compromised because other drivers will not be notified in case you want to change lanes or make a sudden turn. As a solution to this problem, you'd better clean the corner lights using a non-abrasive cleaning solution that is usually sold in an auto parts store. However, if you do not have enough money, then you can use dishwashing liquid and white toothpaste to polish the corner lights. However, make sure that you will not use a sharp or rough tool to scrub the lenses of the lights.

Cracked corner lights

Your Lexus LS400 corner lights can crack especially if you got sideswept by another vehicle. Although there are various tips on how you can repair these lights, replacing them is still better to avoid long-term problems. Fortunately, doing this is easy and can be done at home if you already have the replacement lights on hand. However, make sure that you will disconnect the wires at the back of the corner lights to easily access the mounting screws or bolts.

Dim corner lights

Although the corner lights of your vehicle are designed to be shockproof and waterproof, they will still become dim because of every day use. Once this happens, you might get into an accident because other drivers will not see you. To solve this, you must get high-quality replacement corner lights from your local car parts store and change the old ones. However, before buying new lights, make sure that they are made to fit your vehicle.

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  • Lexus LS400 Corner Lights: Tricks to Get the Most Out of Them

    As parts of the adaptive system, your Lexus LS400 corner lights are very important. Without these lights, you will not be able to see sharp turns and the sides of your vehicle well. Unfortunately, although they are built to last for a long time, these lights will still get damaged because of constant use. Nonetheless, if you want to get the most out of your corner lights, just follow the simple maintenance tips listed below.

    Check the corner lights of your vehicle for dirt build up.

    Over time, your Lexus LS400 corner lights will become dirty especially if you live in an industrial place. As a result, they will become dim, and they will not be seen by other drivers. To avoid these problems, you must regularly check the corner lights for dirt build up and clean them when necessary.

    Use non-abrasive solutions when cleaning the corner lights.

    Usually, car drivers use sandpaper and other abrasive materials when cleaning their foggy or hazy fog lights. Although these tools can remove dirt effectively, they also tend to scratch the lenses and damage the protective UV layers of corner lights. So, if you want to polish or buff these lights, you need to use non-abrasive solutions such as dishwashing liquid, window cleaner, and white toothpaste. These are sold in liquid or paste form, so they will not damage the lenses while removing dirt build up.

    Inspect the corner lights for cracks and other signs of damage regularly.

    One reason why corner lights become faulty is because cracks and other signs of damage are ignored. For instance, if some parts of the corner light lenses are already warped, they must be replaced immediately to prevent moisture from entering the lights and damaging the bulbs. To avoid problems like these, don't forget to inspect your corner lights for cracks, warps, and other signs of damage before taking your LS400 for a drive.

    Make sure that the wires connected to the corner lights are not damaged.

    The corner lights of your Lexus LS400 will not function properly if the wires connected to them are damaged or worn out. So you will not end up scratching your head because of unexplained corner light problems, you must inspect the wires of these lights regularly. In case they are damaged, you must purchase replacement light assemblies and wiring connectors immediately.