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Lexus LS400 Cornering Light

Common Concerns with a Lexus Ls400 Cornering Light

Also known as side marker lights, a Lexus Ls400 cornering lights is built around the corners of your car. These lights serve as complementary accessories to give you a wider lighting range during low-visibility driving conditions. Aside from being an important safety feature of your car, they also compliment the overall look of your vehicle, giving it a more luxurious feel. However, cornering lights are also prone to damage and wear. When they begin to flicker or die out, or if you notice cracks on its lens, it's time to do check the lights out. Here are some of the most common cornering light problems and the factors behind them:

Moisture buildup

Moisture buildup is an annoying problem most vehicle owners encounter. This happens when water starts to seep through the cornering lights assembly, causing fog to accumulate on the lens. Moisture can also damage the assembly's socket, wires, harness, and bulb. Check the assembly's seals for any signs of cracks or wear. If the seals are intact, remove the entire assembly and use a hair dryer to let hot air blow into its hole. Seal any visible cracks with clear silicone to make it water-tight.

Blinking headlights

Blinking headlights may sound unusual, but it does happen to some car owners. Basically, when a driver turns on a car's cornering light, the headlights begin to blink intermittently. This problem could be caused by a grounded wire harness or a malfunctioning flasher. Remove the corner light's assembly and check its wires and harness--the problem might lie there. Cut damaged or open wires and replace them with new ones. Don't forget to check the flasher fuse or unit. It may be burnt out already. Remove the faulty flasher and change it with a brand new one.

Lights are always on

Usually, cornering lights are designed to turn off once the steering wheel made its turn. When you notice that the cornering light is still on, it could be caused by a bad signal relay. When this happens, remove the signal relay from its socket. If the cornering light turns off, replace the faulty relay. Also, do not forget to check your car's ECU for busted fuses and worn-out wires.

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  • How to Keep a Lexus Ls400 Cornering Light in Great Condition

    Increasing your car's visibility during nighttime driving, a Lexus Ls400 cornering light compliments the other lighting systems of your car. By lighting up a car's profile along its edges, a cornering light allows other drivers to see you during low-light road conditions. With it, you can easily avoid fender-benders, road mishaps, and alert your fellow drivers of your next move. Also, this light contributes to the general aesthetic appeal of your car. So, if you want your car's cornering lights to be in great condition, here are some tips to help you out:

    Keep them clean internally and externally.

    Cleaning your car's cornering lights is the cheapest and most practical way maintaining it. Washing and removing dust, dirt, mud, and other road debris from the cornering light's assembly keeps moisture buildup at bay. Road debris can damage the assembly's seals, while dirt and mud can turn the seal brittle, inviting moisture in. Once you've cleaned the light's assembly and lenses, remove the sockets and wiring harness to clean its interior. Place the assembly under direct sunlight to let moisture evaporate from its interior. You can also use a hair drier to let moisture out. Apply lens cleaning agents or toothpaste on its lens to keep it clean and shiny.

    Check the seals and make them weather-tight.

    Water will always be your car lighting system's worst enemy. Once water seeps through your cornering light's assembly and cover, it will cause haze to form on the lens. This could also short its wiring harness and cause an electrical short. Make it a habit to always check the assembly's seals and lens for signs of damage. Fill small cracks with plastic resin repair kits, and use silicon sealant to seal cracks on the seams. This will guarantee you with a weather-tight cornering light.

    Remove old components and replace them with new ones.

    If the circuit fuses, bulbs, signal switches, and flashers are malfunctioning, remove them and replace them immediately. Old and worn-out components will only affect your cornering light's performance. These parts are relatively cheap and they are readily available. Instead of wasting time and money on temporary fixes, replace them with new parts to resolve the issue permanently.