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Lexus LS400 Side Marker Lights

Common Issues with the Lexus LS 400 Side Marker Lights

Designed to make your car more visible during low-lighting conditions, the Lexus LS 400 side marker lights help other drivers know your car's length and width. Since your car is a bit bigger than the usual sedan, these lights can be found at the front and rear of your vehicle. Sometimes, side marker lights are connected or relayed to a car's turn signals to add more visibility. This helps other drivers know when the car's changing lanes. But when you notice that your side marker lights are malfunctioning, it's time to check them out. Here are some problems encountered with the Lexus LS 400 side marker lights:

Busted fuses

When you notice that your side marker lights aren't lighting up, this could be caused by a busted fuse. This is caused by excessive current flow due to faulty wiring or relays. If this happens, the first thing you need to do is to identify the blown fuse. Open the fuse box to check the fuses. Once you identify the busted fuse, remove it immediately. Before you install the new fuse, make sure that it has the same amp rating as the old one. Attach the new fuse and test your side marker lights. If you're having trouble finding the side marker fuse, consult your vehicle owner's manual for more details.

Burnt-out bulbs

Bulbs are prone to burning out as time goes by. This could be caused by poor sealing, overloading, gas or filament evaporation, and prolonged use. Fortunately, replacing burnt-out bulbs is relatively easy and cheap. Open the side marker lights and remove the bulb from its socket. Secure the new bulb on the socket properly and close the side marker's assembly. Test if the new bulb works.

Loose wirings or relays

If your side marker lights are behaving intermittently, this could be caused by loose or faulty wirings. Inspect the wirings connected to them and check for loose or worn-out wires. Don't forget to check the relays too; they might require a little bit of attention. Secure loose wires and relays and replace all the worn-out ones immediately.

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  • Keeping Your Lexus LS 400 Side Marker Lights in Excellent Condition

    Without your Lexus LS 400 side marker lights, other vehicles will surely be crashing into you, one sedan or truck after the other. That's why these lights were designed and built: to help you stay visible while driving, especially at night or low-visibility road conditions. Typically, side marker lights can be found on the front and rear of most vehicles, helping other drivers determine your car's length and width while cruising through a dimly-lit road or highway. Now, if you want keep these lights in excellent condition, here are some simple maintenance tips for a guaranteed safe and worry-free driving experience:

    Clean them.

    Cleaning the side marker lights is the most basic maintenance step that you should follow. Aside from removing dust, dirt, grease, and other debris from these lights, cleaning can reveal hidden cracks or damage on the side marker lights. This will help you determine if you need to replace them or not. When cleaning these lights, use a soft sponge or cloth to avoid scratching its plastic lens. Use a circular motion when cleaning the lights, and don't forget to dry them completely. Watermarks may form on the plastic lens which, in turn, affects the lights' illumination.

    Keep them weather-tight.

    Fog and moisture can enter the side marker lights, busting the bulbs and shorting its wires or relays. Inspect the screws securing the side markers, its assembly, and seals for any signs of cracks and damage. Once water and moisture starts to set into the side marker light, it can corrode the wirings and sockets. Repair damage immediately, and replace worn-out or crack seals to ensure that the lights are weather-tight.

    Inspect the lights, wires, and fuses.

    Loose wires, sockets, blown fuses and bulbs can affect a side marker's function. After cleaning and checking it for signs of damage, inspect the wires for any loose connections. Make sure that there are no open wires that can cause overloading. Next, check the fuses and see if they are giving the right amount of voltage. Don't forget the side marker's bulbs and sockets, they also need to be given attention. As a basic rule of thumb: replace everything that is corroded, worn-out, or busted to avoid problems in the long run.