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Lexus LS430 Door Guard

Troubleshooting Lexus LS430 Door Guard Problems

Some people like it, others don't, but a Lexus LS430 door guard serves an important purpose of protecting the vehicle from dents, nicks, and dings. Here are the common problems you may encounter with your door guard and how to solve them:

Natural wear

Age and constant use will definitely take their toll on your vehicle's door guards. When it's time to replace these components, it's wise to use a heat gun or a hair dryer in softening the adhesive. Once the adhesive has softened, take a fishing line and slide it under the area that has been heated, behind the adhesive. Keep it as close to the vehicle as possible without pressing against the paint. Make sure you pull the fishing line towards the opposite end of the door guard in an up and down motion until you get a secure grip of the door guard. Remove the fishing line and pull the door guard carefully away from the car while constantly applying heat. Note: do not pull the door guard off of the door if the adhesive is still hard. Doing so will damage the clear coat or even peel off the clear coat. Remove the old door guards as carefully as possible so that you don't have to spend on repainting.

Hard-to-remove leftover adhesive

Removing the old door guards may leave you with a clear coat that has patches of dry adhesives. To remove these, you can use any of the three products: an oil-based cleaner, WD-40, or an adhesive remover. Apply any of these products onto the surface with dry adhesive. Using a microfiber cloth, wipe the adhesives off. Repeat the process until all the dry adhesives are completely removed.

Partially detached door guards

You have two options: reattach the door guard or remove and replace the door guard. Either way, the process could not be any simpler. To reattach the door guard, you can either completely peel it to clean the surface where the guard will be reinstalled, or leave the partially detached door guard on and clean the surface with a dry adhesive. To completely remove the door, follow the steps above.

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  • Lexus LS430 Door Guard Maintenance Tips

    First things first, the Lexus LS430 door guard, body side molding, car door protector, and door edge guard are four different things. While they all share the same purpose - to protect the car door from dings, dents, and scratches, whether it is your vehicle's door or the vehicle parked next to you - they can be found (or installed) in different parts of the car door. The door edge molding is installed, yes, at the edge of the door to protect the edge of your car door. The car door protector is a high-impact foam about 30 inches long that is attached onto the doors every time you park your vehicle. It is not intended to be installed permanently onto your car. The body side molding is sometimes a factory installed part that runs along the middle of the door. The door guard is an accessory that is permanently installed onto the side of the door below the door handle near the edge. Generally though, they are all called door guards. And since all used adhesives (except the car door protector) they should all be treated and maintained the same. Here are your guides on maintaining these accessories:

    Clean areas around the door guards regularly.

    Areas around the door guards get dirty rather quickly. This requires special cleaning since a regular car wash will not be able to remove stubborn dirt and grime. Wash and dry the car. Apply car wax around the edge of the door guard. (If you have a rubber door guard, be careful not to let car wax dry onto the rubber. Wipe the car wax off of the rubber door guard with wet cloth to prevent permanent stain.) Wipe with microfiber towel to remove the wax and the stain. Do this as often as possible.

    Use an all-purpose cleaner to detail the rubber door guard.

    Weathering, wax, and polish all affect the look of your rubber door guard and ultimately the look of your vehicle. An all-purpose cleaner will be able to remove most of the dirt regular cleaning will remove the rest. But for stubborn grime and stain, a toothbrush might be necessary.

    Replace door guards when necessary.

    Door guards affect the overall look of the vehicle. Replace old, weathered, or damaged door guards immediately.