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Lexus LX470 Parts and Lexus LX470 Accessories

Lexus LX470: Now, You Know

  • Lexus LX470 was actually the second generation of Lexus LX. Its exterior design was based on the Toyota Land Cruiser Cygnus, a model that was sold only in Japan. The LX470 and the Land Cruiser looked very similar to each other-the only apparent differences were their front ends and interior styling. LX470 was given a quad-headlamp and a larger grille.

  • One of the amazing suspension features of the Lexus LX470 was the Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS). It had the capacity to select from a number of settings and alter the firmness of the shock absorber in just 2.5 milliseconds at each wheel.

  • In 2002, Lexus LX470 offered the world's very first active automotive night vision system. This safety feature basically had an infrared camera and could project information on the windshield using a head-up display. It also came in with the option to adjust its brightness with a dimmer knob.

  • Lexus LX470 was the most expensive vehicle that Lexus ever sold. Many people would have thought it was the LS430; but even with the LS430's optional features, the price of the LX470 would still be unsurpassed. It was pegged at around $8,000 higher than the LS in 2003.

  • Steven Spielberg is popularly known to be an avid fan of Lexus cars and actually owns a Lexus LX470 himself. He once requested the car manufacturer to design a vehicle, which appeared in the movies "Minority Report" and "The Island."

  • Lexus initiated a recall of around 39,000 LX470 vehicles in 2010 to address the possibility of steering shaft problems. It was discovered that there was a tendency for the snap ring to disengage whenever the front wheels of the LX470 hits an object severely, eventually damaging the steering shaft. This problem with the Lexus LX470 was addressed by redesigning the snap ring and adding a component to prevent steering shaft disengagement.

  • The Lexus LX470 had its fleeting "star" moments, too. It was briefly featured in a bunch of films and TV series including Godzilla, MacGruber, Jackass: The Movie, War of the Worlds, Rush Hour 3, Quantum of Solace, Six Feet Under, The OC, and Ghost Whisperer.

Lexus LX470 Articles

  • Lexus LX470 Problems

    The Lexus LX470 went on sale in 1998. Since then, this model has dominated the luxury SUV market and is highly applauded by car experts and enthusiasts. The LX470 did not reach this stature just because it is a luxury car. It proved its worth through the various innovations it went through including its Night View feature and independent suspension arrangement. Up to now, when people talk about the Lexus LX470, a solid reputation for efficiency and superb features will always be heard. It remains as one of the most recommended vehicles despite the following issues that LX470 owners usually encounter:

    Speed control

    Lexus LX470 was equipped with a lot of fancy and dependable features, but it seemed to have suffered a few glitches with its acceleration. Issues regarding this function top the list of disadvantages that LX470 owners observed on the vehicle. There were instances wherein the vehicle would suddenly move forward even while it's at a stop and the brake is stepped on. Other times, the vehicle is moving at a normal pace and then would accelerate out of the blue. A probable cause for this problem is a stuck accelerator pedal. This malfunction could cause accidents, so make sure to inspect the vehicle before driving it.


    The problem with the brakes of the Lexus LX470 has been a recurring issue among its drivers. Brake noise and stuck brake pedals are among the irregularities included in this category. Usually, when a rattling sound is coming from the front brakes, LX470 owners are advised to install anti-rattle springs. But when the noise originates from the parking brakes especially when the vehicle is driven over road bumps, it is most likely caused by improperly adjusted brakes.

    Steering shaft

    In 2010, Lexus declared a voluntary recall for more or less 39,000 units of the LX470. This action was due to safety concerns regarding the possible disengagement of the steering shaft. Lexus found out that the snap ring is likely to disengage when the front wheels of the SUV is hit severely. When this happens, the steering wheel would constantly be in full-locked position, causing the steering shaft to disengage over time. An investigation was done to come up with an effective solution to this problem. Engineers of Lexus designed a new snap ring and an additional component to avoid steering shaft failure.