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Lexus RX350 Parts and Lexus RX350 Accessories

6 Interesting Facts about the Lexus Rx350

  • The Lexus Rx350 was actually the first of its kind-a luxury crossover SUV. It quickly gained popularity and eventually became the best-selling model of Lexus. As a result, it served as a model for newer designs in the crossover SUV division.

  • In 1997, Lexus Rx350 was launched in Japan as Toyota Harrier. It exhibited close similarities with Toyota Highlander and Toyota Camry, which the Rx350 platform was based from. Meanwhile, in the North American Auto Show, Lexus Rx350 was introduced as the Rx300.

  • Want proof of this vehicle's reliability? The 2013 model of the Lexus Rx350 battled it out with 20 other mighty contenders to earn the second spot in the U.S. Auto News Rankings for the luxury mid-size SUVs segment. According to the U.S. News website, the ranking was based on its analysis of reviews and test drives done on the Rx350. This luxury SUV gained quite a number of approvals due to its effective combination of comfort and style. It also takes pride on its good fuel economy and simple navigation system that many drivers have grown fond of. Because of its impressive features, the Lexus Rx350 took away the second spot with an overall score of 8.6.

  • Lexus introduced a hybrid model for the Rx350-the Rx400h. It was designed with a blue halo surrounding the manufacturer's emblem, which can also be found on other Lexus hybrid vehicles. This attribute is also known to create a strong distinction and impression when the vehicle is on the road.

  • Despite being a luxury vehicle, the hybrid model of the Lexus Rx350 could actually be unpopular among car thieves. This is due to its built-in Theft-Deterrent System, which consists of a rolling code that sort of paralyzes the engine when the wrong key is used. Now, there is no way for any thief to easily take this SUV away.

  • A luxury SUV paired with an eargasmic audio system? Then, you must be talking about the Lexus Rx350 equipped with a 12-speaker Mark Levinson sound system. Audiophiles-slash-car enthusiasts would surely lust over this piece of high-end audio equipment capable of producing high-quality treble and clarity.

Lexus RX350 Parts

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  • Lexus Rx350 Problems

    Coming in the battleground of midsize luxury crossover SUVs, Lexus Rx350 was equipped with impressive high-tech features partnered with a comfortable and spacious interior. And over the years, it earned its status of being a favorite among ordinary car drivers and enthusiasts due to its notable record for reliability. However, there were some issues that Lexus needed to face and resolve, which made the Rx350 even better than ever. Here are some of the problems that Lexus Rx350 owners observed with this crossover:

    Vehicle speed control

    Cases have been reported about malfunctions, which are characterized by the crossover suddenly jolting into motion even when the brakes are applied. Other times, the vehicle accelerates right at the moment when the vehicle is being parked and about to be turned off. This failure is due to a stuck accelerator pedal, which remains in a partially depressed position instead of going back to its idle position. Furthermore, it was discovered that the forward retention clip holding the floor carpet cover was not properly installed, causing it to lean towards the accelerator pedal. Leaving the accelerator pedal stuck could lead to difficulty in stopping and sustaining the speed of your Rx350. A safety recall for this issue was done in March 2011.

    Piston slap

    Another apparent problem in Lexus Rx350 is the knocking sound coming from the engine, which can be considered as a typical occurrence during cold start. It may even get louder as the temperature drops due to the continuous contraction of metal while cooling. Many Rx350 owners have a misconception about this problem-that it may be caused by a defective valve or timing chain. However, what really happens is a "piston slap" wherein the pistons knock against the engine cylinder wall because of their position. It happens most especially when the pistons have not yet expanded just enough to match the cylinder sleeve.

    The problem cannot actually be eliminated, but it can be minimized by coating the pistons. You can also taper the piston skirt to allow more space during the expansion of the pistons yet maintain a close distance to the cylinder.