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Lexus RX350 Floor Mats

Four Tips to Cleaning Lexus Rx350 Floor Mats

A good-but hidden-sign that a Lexus Rx350 is being maintained by its owner is if the interior is kept in good condition. No driver and passenger would want to ride a car that's dirty and filthy inside. One component of the interior that you shouldn't forget to clean is the SUV's floor mats. Try to go over these at least once a month for a clean, fresh, and comfortable ride. Following these simple tips isn't that difficult. Before you know it, cleaning floor mats will come as a 2nd nature to you in now time.

  • Don't use a washing machine.
  • It's never advisable to throw your dirty floor mats in the washing machine. The beating these take inside is too much for the mats to handle. Don't be too lazy to do this! A few tools and some soap and water are still the best way to clean floor mats. The natural force you will use is enough to get the job done.

  • Use a brush and vacuum.
  • Pound and hit the mats to loosen dirt on the surface. Use a brush and vacuum to get rid of these afterwards. With a vacuum, simply point on the problem areas and watch the specks of dust get sucked into the machine. Remember to get brushes that don't have bristles that are too stiff and firm as these may easily puncture and damage the carpet or rubber.

  • Give these a bath.
  • If the stains are more serious, it's time to give the floor mats a bath. Fill a tub or a large container with water and drop a few spoons of detergent. Soak the mats in there and brush it at the same time to really attack dirt that won't give in. Rinse and repeat the process if necessary. Afterwards, hang it in a safe place to air dry. You can also sundry these. Just don't forget about them under the sun or you'll end up fading their finish.

  • Apply vinegar for odors.
  • Feet and dirt are stinky, and the stench can make its way to the mats. The simple mix of water and vinegar can get rid of bad smells. Don't use too much vinegar or you'll end up with an even worse stench than the one you began with. Use a rag to wipe the surface with the mixture. Afterwards, soak the floor mats as prescribed and let it dry.

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