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Lexus SC300 Parts and Lexus SC300 Accessories

Six Amazing Facts About the Lexus SC300

  • The Lexus SC300 is the start in two major Hollywood blockbusters. The first is the Fast and the Furious spin-off, Tokyo Drift, where it was one of the souped-up cars driven about by the characters. The second is the action flick, Eagle Eye. Its role in that last one was much smaller-it was one of many vehicles destroyed by the menacing Reaper UAV near the climax of the movie.

  • Bigger-engine equipped Lexus SC300s are favored in the Super GT race series-specifically in the GT500 class. These tricked-out and heavily upgraded versions of the luxury coupe were driven by former GT500 champion Juichi Wakisaka and Andre Lotterer. The team won victory at the race's opening round in Suzuka. What made the feat impressive was that it was its debut race!

  • Its deceptively nimble handling and long wheelbase have made the Lexus SC300 extremely popular in the professional and street motorsport of drifting. Despite being much heavier and bulkier than the other cars used for this particular sport, it is a very tough car to beat. Especially favored is the ease by which parts can be obtained.

  • A lot of comparisons have been drawn between the Lexus SC300 and the Toyota Supra-after all, both are capable cars that also double as competitive racers. Apart from a few design considerations, however, they are very different machines. The Lexus SC300 is purely aimed at the luxury segment that just happens to be an excellent platform for racing development. So where did the comparisons come from? They come from the odd fact that parts of the two cars are cross-compatible!

  • The Lexus SC300 is one of the longest lasting cars in the Lexus line-up-having survived for almost 20 years without being replaced. When it was indeed "replaced" in 2010, it was in fact simply upgraded to a four-door, drop-top, and V8 engine-equipped version of the older SC300. You could therefore argue that it hasn't really been phased out completely.

  • Unlike other Toyota and Lexus designs that are home-grown on Japan, the Lexus SC300 is designed entirely in America-Southern California to be exact. What was the design theme of the car? Curvature. That is why you see so little in the way of sharp edges across the length of the Lexus SC300.

Lexus SC300 Parts

Lexus SC300 Articles

  • Two Most Common Gripes with the Lexus SC300

    From the get-go, Toyota established Lexus as the brand to go for when you wanted true luxury. The Lexus SC300 was styled as a personal luxury coupe, and it went on be a capable alternative to more costly luxury brands. The SC300 was offered as a "light" alternative to the original 400, and it featured a smaller nut nonetheless equally capable engine. The reason for the SC300's popularity can be pegged to the fact that it was a classy enough car to be seen driving around in without the too-heavy price tag that one would associated with such vehicles. Listed here are two of the most common troubles that one encounters with the SC300.

    Engine exhaust system failure

    The 1997 release of the Lexus SC300 was found to have a fault specifically with the bracket holding the undercarriage exhaust pipes in place. This bracket, when heated, had a tendency to expand and eventually crack. In some cases this led to further troubles when the exhaust itself collapsed. This is a potentially dangerous problem as it can cause road mishaps to occur should the exhaust drop while in the middle of a drive-a fish-tailing effect can occur and cause the car to careen off-course.

    Since the fault lies in the design of the bracket itself, the first option available in resolving the problem is to bring the car to the dealer for replacement. There are, however, aftermarket alternatives of better quality that present a second, more affordable option.

    Overdrive failure

    For those who do not yet know, overdrive allows your car to cruise at a set and sustained speed with no increase in the engine RPM-this results in better fuel economy, lower noise, and lower wear. This particular component failure is most visible in the 1993 version of the Lexus SC300. While failure of the overdrive won't too detrimentally affect normal driving conditions, it does keep the engine RPM levels rather high which could lead to quicker overheats or even engine trouble in the long run.

    The best solution is a replacement of the overdrive module from the dealership. Alternatively, the aftermarket produces a lot of high-quality Lexus SC300 parts, including an overdrive module, so one can opt for that as well.