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Lexus SC400 Window Motor

Common Problems with the Lexus SC400 Window Motor

A stuck window would certainly make your Lexus SC400 look bad. Unfortunately, problematic windows aren't all that uncommon in modern vehicles, and the most common culprit would be a bad window motor. A lot of factors can result in a broken Lexus SC400 window motor and it's best to rule them all out before you consider replacing this expensive component. Don't worry; you can get your windows working again with the help of our handy guide below.

Blown fuse

A blown fuse will definitely keep all your windows from working, so it's best to take a look at your vehicle's fuse box first before you start opening your door panels to gain access to your window motors. You simply have to replace the blown fuse and check all of your windows again to see if they're working.

Bad relays

Once you've ruled out a blown fuse, then you have to check your jumper terminals and see if you have a bad relay instead. You just need to take out the jumper terminals that power your windows and replace them with some new jumpers. Test your windows to see if this solves the problem.

Faulty switches

If only one window is having a problem, then you might want to check its switch to see if it's working properly. You'll need to open your vehicle's door panel and attach a volt meter to see if the switch is working. Sometimes, dirty or even loose connectors can affect a switch's performance. Clean the metal contacts and make sure that all connections are properly attached to rule out any other problems with your window's switch.

Broken window motor

Once you've exhausted all other possibilities, then it's time to check the window motor itself. Most window motors are sealed components, so you can hardly repair them when they wear out and will need to replace them instead. You'll need to gain access to your Lexus SC400 window motor by opening your vehicle's door panel. Using a volt meter, test your window motor and see if the probes on your volt meter light up. If your volt meter isn't registering anything, then you'll have to replace your window motor.

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  • Lexus SC400 Window Motor Maintenance Tips

    A broken Lexus SC400 window motor can certainly ruin your day, especially when your window is stuck halfway. Avoid this from happening by sticking to a regular maintenance schedule that'll keep your windows functioning properly all the time. Stuck windows are actually a common problem with most power windows in modern vehicles. Most of the time, these issues can be avoided with simple maintenance procedures like cleaning and greasing parts like the window motor. Unfortunately, not a lot of people take the time or know how to maintain their power windows. Open your car's door panel and take care of your window motor with our short guide below.

    Take out your door panel properly.

    You'll need to access your window motor so you can clean and lubricate it, so you'll have to open your car's door panel. It can be tricky to open a door panel the first time around, but with proper care and patience, then you'll be able to easily take it apart in no time at all. Take extra care that you do not damage fragile parts like plastic clips, as you'll need them intact when you close the panel afterwards. Learning to open your door panel would also allow you to take care of other parts in it for future maintenance work.

    Wipe your window motor clean.

    Once you have opened your vehicle's door panel, then you can easily clean your window motor using a small rag or a soft brush. You can also use a can of compressed air to blow away dust and debris from hard to reach spots inside the window motor. Make sure that you clean this part thoroughly before you apply any lubricant. Dust can quickly gunk up when mixed with lubricating sprays, and that could interfere with your window motor in the long run.

    Lubricate your window motor with a liberal amount of grease.

    Use some lithium grease and apply a small amount on the gears of your window motor to lubricate them. Do not apply too much as a thin coat would suffice. You can also use small lubricants that come in spray cans as their nozzles can reach into smaller areas easily. It may take a little effort to get in and lubricate your window motor, but it'll pay off in a big way after a while.