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Lexus Side Marker Lights

Diagnosing and Fixing Problems Affecting Lexus Side Marker Lights

Before changing lanes on the freeway, you should always make use of side marker lights to let drivers behind you know your plan or next move. This will allow them to act appropriately, preventing any accident from happening. If you're starting to have trouble with your side marker lights, you must find the culprit immediately and fix the problem. Driving with functioning marker lights will help ensure your safety. For more information about diagnosing and fixing problems related to Lexus side marker lights, read on.

Cloudy side marker light lens

The lenses of modern automobile lights are usually made of polycarbonate plastics. Such materials are relatively cheap, and the resulting decrease in costs translates into greater savings for the company. The lenses are sturdy, no doubt about that, but constant exposure to UV rays, heat, and pollution will eventually make them fade. Fortunately, the lenses of the side marker lights can be polished to appear just as good as new. The materials needed are 1,500 grit and 3,500 grit sandpaper, a rubbing compound, and a plastic polisher. Start off by rubbing the lens with the wet 1,500 grit sandpaper. After working through the entire lens of the sidemarker light, switch to the 3,500 grit sandpaper and continue working until you remove most of the haze from the lens. Apply the rubbing compound next to remove any small scratch left by the sandpaper and finish off with the plastic polisher.

Side marker light on one side is not working

If only one of the side marker lights has gone out, the problem might lie with a burned-out light bulb, a loose connection, or broken wires. Start out by checking the bulb. If the bulb's filament is black or if there are grayish deposits inside the bulb, it means that the light bulb has burned out; replace it if so. To check the wires and electrical connections, open up the side marker light assembly. Check the wires and replace any that is damaged. Take a look at the bulb socket and be sure that the light bulb and the electrical wires are attached to it securely. Fix any loose connection you see. Dirty sockets should be cleaned, while rusty and corroded ones should be replaced.

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  • Useful Maintenance Tips for Lexus Side Marker Lights

    Lexus side marker lights make driving a much safer experience. They allow you to alert other drivers whenever you plan to change lanes or take turns on the road. To ensure that these lights remain functioning, make sure that they are well maintained. Fortunately, doing so is not such a hard thing to do. Here are four simple tips to keep your side marker lights functioning correctly.

    Inspect the marker lights regularly and ensure that they are working properly.

    Make it a habit to check your side marker lights before driving off to wherever you need to go. Just switch on the markers lights and check if they are functioning normally. This will allow you to know if you're having problems with the lights early on so you can have them fixed immediately.

    Polish the side marker lights as needed.

    The plastic cover of most automobile lights today are prone to hazing after a while. The affected covers could obscure the light emitted from the marker lights, preventing other drivers on the road from noticing them. To keep your marker lights bright, polish them regularly. Some of the basic materials needed are wet sandpaper, rubbing compounds and plastic polishers. Automobile lens polishing kits are also available and are pretty effective in making your marker lights shine once again.

    Replace burned-out side marker light bulbs as soon as possible.

    Light bulbs have a limited lifespan. All of them will burn out immediately and there's nothing much you can do but have them replaced. If a bulb malfunctions or stops working all of a sudden, inspect it as soon as possible. If the filament inside looks black or if it is damaged, it's a sure sign of a burned out bulb.

    Don't hold the bulb with your bare hands.

    When installing a new side marker light bulb, be sure to have gloves on. Light bulbs can reach high temperatures when turned on, and the resulting heat is usually distributed equally around the glass bulb. If you touch the bulb with your bare hands, you will leave some oil upon the surface. Areas with oil on them will absorb more heat and get hotter than the surrounding areas of the bulb. This could eventually make the bulb crack, rendering it useless.