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Installation of lift support is relatively easy for those with the true blue DIY spirit. You simply need to pop open your hood and keep it steady with a makeshift prop or have an assistant keep it up for you just in case. You can then proceed to prying up the clip which retains the lift support with a small flat screwdriver or something similar. When this has been done, simply adjust the hood up and down as the gas spring should pull off the ball stud with ease. Then you can proceed to rotating the lift support to release it from the mounting ball stud. All you need to do now is to reverse the whole procedure and voila! You've installed your new lift support. So when you need to get your hands on a replacement lift support, take a few seconds of your time to breeze through our online catalogue and you're sure to find just the perfect lift support you need. Order now for the extra strong arm you need for lifting up your car hood. With high quality and direct fit OE replacement lift supports backed up with one year guarantee, you won't need to hesitate with our unbelievably low marked-down prices.