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Lincoln Continental Parts and Lincoln Continental Accessories

Luxury is what Lincoln cars definitely speak of. These vehicles are not only luxurious in terms of the equipments and feature but power as well-everything, gas guzzling, creative, and distinctive in design. Once you get a glimpse of the car, you at once recognize it is a Lincoln even without seeing first the emblem therein. Such an identity Lincoln creations have! In the late 1960's, Lincoln vehicles stood above among the rest because of the crisp and elegant lines that made them too recognizable from everything else even from afar. Because of the reputation the firm enjoys, Lincoln Continental parts have been made stand outs as well. It is but pleasing to know the history as to how Lincoln Continentals came to be.

The Lincoln Division under the fleet of Ford Motor Company, just like the rest of the automobile giants today has its own dose of years of ups and downs. Lincoln was once a racing champ especially during the peak years of the 1950's. However, its rivalry with the Cadillac made Lincoln lose its way. So what the company did was to introduce a new method of car assembly, that is, the unibody or the so-called monocoque construction but that which embodies large and luxurious looks.
Under the Continental nameplate, Mark I ran from 1939-1948 except during the war years. These vehicles utilized V12 engines. Mark II has been the very first hand-assembled with the color scheme as per the customer's request. Thus the concept of customization came in for Lincoln Division and Mark II was sold bearing the Continental nameplate from 1956-1957. Mark II has yet left a legacy-a distinct type of hood which everyone calls today the star or rectangle hood. It was in 1968 when another member of the Lincoln family debuted-the Mark III coupe. And with this lineup, Lincoln had earned the best sales production ever recorded in its calendar until such time that Mark IV has been launched.

Lincoln convertible sedans have been under the eye of a number of auto enthusiasts as they have become a collector's item. Such a reputation is overwhelming. In fact, these are the cars wherein the presidents ride and television stars are also seen in. Since these Lincoln series date back to the earlier eras, you might be getting worried as to how to find replacement for your Lincoln Continental parts. Yes, scouting for such parts may be hard and tiring especially if you are to visit several stores. But with the online transactions today, you can shop for your Lincoln Continental parts worry-free and stress-free! So whether you need air filters, alternator, clutch, fog lights, headlights, grille guard, and other auto parts for your Lincoln Continental, you can simply shop conveniently with just a click of your mouse.