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Lincoln Tailgate

Lincoln produced only two luxury pickups, the Blackwood and the Mark LT. With the Blackwood, produced only in 2002, Lincoln attempted to create a benchmark for luxury pickups, but it wasn't successful. Although poor in sales, the Lincoln Blackwood was not a real failure. It had all plush amenities that would qualify it as a luxurious pickup. Now Lincoln again introduces a new luxury pickup, the all new Lincoln Mark LT with the hope to dominate the luxury pickup segment of the market. In terms of luxury features, design and performance, the Lincoln Mark LT offers more than the first luxury pickup.

Both the Blackwood and the Mark LT are upscale versions of Ford F-150 pickup truck, Ford's best-selling pickup for more than 50 years now. Ford pickups have long proven their toughness, reliability, safety and comfortable features. This speaks something about the two Lincoln pickup models, which is based on Ford. Lincoln pickups feature highly durable parts fit for the vehicle's driving abilities. The body panels are specially made with superior quality standards to ensure every passenger's maximum safety.

Among the exterior parts quite noticeable with Lincoln pickups is the tailgate. This part serves as the door to the rear end of the vehicle or the bed of the truck. Lincoln tailgates are built to resist damages like dents and cracks during impacts. Also, they are designed to withstand the tortures of daily use. As doors, they are frequently opened and closed so they are among those parts that easily wear out.

The new Lincoln Mark LT features an elegantly designed tailgate that matches chrome and leather trimmed cargo bed. In terms of design, this Lincoln tailgate is more advanced than other pickup tailgates. But more importantly, Lincoln tailgate retains pickup truck's innate utility and versatility. Though more chic in appearance, it is tough enough to keep your cargoes safe at the truck bed.