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Serious about saving on auto repair? Then you must have all the equipment you need at home, including the most basic tools such as a torx bit set. The problem is, many manufacturers out there make torx bits so flimsy that they break the very first time you them. The Lisle Torx Bit set is a lot different from these run-of-the-mill torx bit kits as it contains heavy-duty bits that are made of premium materials that won't easily wear out. Use them to pry on tamper-resistant fasteners and other stubborn pieces of hardware and get your job done very quickly. Check the size of torx bits and make sure the set you choose includes all the sizes you need.

Lisle is a name that's very popular among DIYers as it stands for reliability, durability and affordable automotive solutions. The company is a world-class manufacturer of specialty tools, tire and lubrication products and mechanic's creepers that are used by countless motorists and preferred by many automotive warehouse distributors nationwide. Another one of their products that you'll surely find very useful in your garage is the Lisle Oil Filter Wrench. This ingeniously designed tool has a swivel handle, steel band and gripper teeth that'll make it easier for you to turn filters even in the most cramped locations. With this wrench, changing oil filters will be a piece of cake.

Finally, another amazing tool from the company is the Lisle Fan Clutch Wrench, which is specially designed to quickly remove and install the fan clutch when you're working on the fan clutch or water pump. This tool goes with an air hammer and comes in various sizes. You may be able to get several of these top-notch wrenches in a heavy-duty storage case for better protection and an extended service life. All these tools have been proven to work perfectly, so they'll be of tremendous help to you in all your repair or modification jobs.