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Looking Forward What's Coming Down the Road?

carparts Looks at
The Future of the Automobile.

Things that are coming in a few months.  We pull this information from press releases, auto show announcements and other reliable sources.

A look at technology that is on the drawing boards   We use our state-of-the-art active-matrix crystal ball to peer into the next few years & see what's on the way.

What we can look forward to in automobiles of the future Here, we take some liberties in boldly making predictions about cars of the future.  We ask our readers to participate as well.


Ford's answer to the minivan,  Introducing the 2009 Ford Flex

Click for more photos of the Flex


Infiniti introduces the 2008 G37 Coupe at the NY Auto Show


Chrysler to offer Sirius Backseat TV in their all new 2008 line of minivans


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 Automobile manufacturers announce Vehicle to Vehicle Communications  Is this the next big safety innovation?

Vehicle-to-vehicle communication, using GPS technology, is an all-around wireless collision warning system.  With this system, your vehicle knows, even if you don't, where other vehicles are around you, up to a 1/4 mile away -- in blind spots, stopped ahead on the highway but hidden from view, around a blind corner or blocked by other vehicles. Your vehicle can anticipate and react to changing driving situations and warn you and the other drivers with chimes, visual icons and seat vibrations.


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