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Lotus Parts and Lotus Performance

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Calm your mind through deep meditation in the Lotus position. Soothe your car lust by owning a high-performance Lotus Elise, Exige, or Esprit in mint condition. Whether brand new, used, or modified, the Lotus car is one of the most coveted rides in the auto market. Why? Well for starters, Lotus cars are lightweight, fast, and powerful. They also have sleek exteriors that easily make them some of the most attractive sports cars on the streets today. Having been in the business for over half a century, Lotus Cars also has a branch called Lotus Engineering that provides engineering services to other automakers like GM'which just shows you how powerful and well-developed your car's Lotus Parts happen to be.Driving a Lotus, you can rest assured that every single performance component installed in your vehicle is made using only the most advanced auto technology available. Aside from being a top carmaker, Lotus Cars also happen to hold a Formula One record for being the first team to win 50 Grand Prix victories, besting its top rival during the 1970s-1980s, the Ferrari team. Now that's another testament to how well-made your Lotus Esprit Parts or Lotus Elise Performance Parts are.That's why in case of a car malfunction, it's always best that you use only top-grade, OEM Lotus Parts to restore or even improve your sports car's performance. Attain automotive Zen by keeping your car in excellent condition using high-performance parts from the brand that knows your vehicle from inside-out'Lotus Cars.

Lotus Articles

  • Closer Look at Lotus Automobiles

    Lotus, a British automotive manufacturer that has been producing race cars since the late 40s, is regarded by many performance car enthusiasts as the king of lightweight vehicles. It's because no other automotive company designs and manufactures lightweight vehicles quite like the renowned British brand does. While many automotive companies work on various types of automobiles, the brand concentrates its efforts solely on lightweight performance cars (in fact, you wouldn't see the brand release more than 2 or 3 models at a time). That narrow focus is perhaps the reason why most of the brand's automobiles are superior to their counterparts from other automotive companies.

    Lotus automobiles are known for top-notch handling and superior performance, both of which can be attributed to the brand's trademark lightweight design for its cars. Those are exactly what you can expect from the brand's vehicles such as the Elise, the Exige, and the Evora (which compose the brand's current lineup). All of those are stunning pure-bred sports cars and are considered to be beasts on the racetrack. They have received several accolades throughout the years, which isn't surprising if you've seen the cars in action.

    Now, if you own a Lotus automobile, then you must be a race car driver yourself. And as you know, race car driving can be quite demanding. Although Lotus parts are designed to be heavy-duty, that doesn't mean that they're immune to mechanical problems. Even the brand's impressive line of engines, transmission systems, and suspensions systems can break down if not properly taken care of. Whether you own an Elise, an Exige, an Evora, or one of the brand's other models, you'll surely need new parts sometime down the line. Once the need for one arises, it's best to replace the problematic components right away to avoid further problems. Doing so will prolong the superb performance of your beloved lightweight automobile.