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Lower Set Gasket

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Your car's engine needs more than just air and fuel. It needs oil as well, to keep it in top shape. Aside from lubricating engine parts, oil helps cool and clean the engine, absorbing heat, dirt, and metal barbs.When the engine isn't running, oil sits down below in the oil pan. The lower set gasket keeps oil from leaking out of the pan, in case you're parked on a slope. This gasket, however, can deform because of unending heat cycles. Another reason behind gasket failure is incorrect installation.Unless a new gasket comes with a sealer, you should refrain from adding such. Most sealers may react chemically with the rubber gasket and turn it into a sticky mush. It's also inadvisable to tighten the oil pan bolts beyond their specified torque. Doing so may damage the gasket upon installation.So make sure your engine doesn't lose oil while the car's standing still. Keep oil from leaking out the oil pan with a quality lower set gasket from Carparts.

• The gasket prevents valuable engine oil from leaking.

• Our lower set gaskets are resistant to damage caused by heat.

• Installing the gasket takes less than an hour.