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Lower Valance

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Among the parts of your vehicle, those closest or touching the ground are the ones more in need of cleaning and maintenance. The tires, wheels and other auto parts under the chassis accumulate road debris, dirt and mud that can accumulate and cause vehicle damage. Good thing, there's a cheap and easy-to-install accessory that prevents mud and dirt accumulation on your vehicle's under-chassis frame. It's called the lower valance. Constructed from tough metal, the lower valance is designed to deflect mud and road debris, preventing them from building up under the vehicle's chassis. That means you no longer have to do frequent cleaning once this product is installed. So, why have second thoughts on this product? You're now at the right store, after all. Carparts offers a wide array of automotive accessories at a cheaper price.

• Deflects mud and dirt to keep your vehicle's under-chassis parts clean

• Adds to your vehicle's customized look

• Hides your vehicle's unsightly structural details