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Lowering Kit

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Lowering your vehicle does not only drop its center gravity and make it look sleek and mean. You can experience a noticeable difference with handling and drivability when you use a lowering kit on your vehicle. A lowering kit can be used for cars, vans, trucks, SUVs and even more for four-wheel drive trucks. Almost all of these vehicles are equipped with coil springs in front; hence, lowering kits are as simple as a swap to shorter coil springs. A premium lowering kit is tuned to withstand a precise drop in road clearance. Reducing your vehicle's road clearance helps the vehicle give off a sportier, tougher look, while making the vehicle easier to drive. And you know what? You are now at the store where you can get a premium lowering kit at a much cheaper price.Carparts offers a wide array of parts, auto kits and accessories. Great deals await you at our catalogs!

• Features four high-pressure gas shocks in order to achieve a positive suspension control

• Made from rigorous efforts of the most stringent testing and the maximum standards

• Comes with easy-to-follow instructions for easy installation

Lowering Kit Articles

  • Easy Lowering Spring Installation in Four Steps

    Lowering your car gives you that street racer vibe that is very popular these days. The process also imparts much better handling characteristics due to the lowered center of gravity. Before you rush off to have your ride lowered, know that it is a fairly complicated process. The step by step of it is easy enough, what makes it challenging is the actual tuning of the springs to the specifics of your vehicle. One thing those snazzy Hollywood movies do not tell you is that all those advantages mention come at a price: the lower your ride, the less comfortable it is! This guide will show you how to install, and includes a small section to help you choose the spring for you. The whole process will set you back a half an hour.

    Required skill level: Expert

    Needed tools and materials

    1. New lowering spring set
    2. Coil spring compressor
    3. Socket set
    4. Pickle fork tool
    5. Car jack
    6. Jack stands

    Preparing for the process

    Start by picking nice, level surface to park your vehicle on, and then disconnect the battery to prevent inadvertent electrical shocks. Make sure the car is parked, and the parking brake engaged and secure. Carefully slide the struts under your ride to secure it in place.

    Removing the old spring

    Remove the lug nuts securing your vehicle's wheel in place, and pull the wheel off the hub. Locate the strut tower holding your shock absorber in place, and take out the securing nut from the top mounting bolt. Using the pickle fork tool, you should remove the ball joint and control arm from the strut. Once that is done, pull out the tower from under the car and slide the compressed spring off.

    Putting a new spring in your car's step

    Install the lowering spring onto the strut tower, and carefully slide the tower back into place. Secure the mounting bolt on the tower's top, and remount the removed ball joint. After that, it's a simple matter of re-mounting the wheel, and lowering the vehicle to the ground.

    Spring tips

    • If you want to achieve levels of comfort closes to what you would experience with the stock springs, springs that lower by a 1-inch drop should be your choice.
    • For the best handling, go for springs with as much a 1.75-2 inches of drop-note, however that this will come at the cost of comfort.