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You're planning to change your old power steering pump that's increasingly causing various problems in your car. One of your friends told you that a good choice for a replacement part is a Luk Power Steering Pump. Well, your friend is absolutely correct. In fact, the company is one of the leading manufacturers of heavy-duty power steering pumps in all of Europe. Their pump works so well, it can reduce your consumption of energy by a whopping 50%.

And you can't expect anything less from a world-class manufacturer of such lofty standards as Luk. It's very likely that you've heard of this company before as it's a widely known maker of top-notch clutch systems. In fact, according to the company, one in every four cars that rolls out the factory anywhere in the world today is equipped with a clutch that it has made. So if you want a clutch kit that you can rely on for years, even for the rest of your vehicle's service life, you just can't go wrong with a Luk Clutch Kit. The typical clutch kit from the company includes parts such as the clutch disc, pressure plate, pilot and throw-out bearings, bushing and an alignment tool.

You should really change your clutch disc if it's starting to slip and make chattering noises. You may even smell a burnt odor, which indicates that the facings are getting too hot because of your old, bad clutch disc. Instead of ruining your every ride to the office, install a high-quality Luk Clutch Disc and all your clutch problems will go away. This clutch disc undergoes rigorous tests for cushion deflection, facing parallelism, spring rate and torque capacity for precise performance. You'll immediately feel the difference the moment this disc is in your vehicle.