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So much depends on the proper operation of your camshaft in terms of your vehicle's overall performance. As you may know, the camshaft plays a large role in determining your engine's peak horsepower, its effective power band and available vacuum. For this reason, camshaft replacement is not to be taken lightly. You need an impeccably designed and precisely engineered replacement part that'll ensure your engine runs flawlessly for years. To achieve that, choose a Lunati Camshaft for your replacement part.

Why trust Lunati? Well, consider that the company has been serving the automotive industry since the 1960s. And it's well-known not just among regular street motorists, but also among the most hardcore racecar drivers who seek the finest cutting-edge technologies to propel themselves to the finish line. In fact, the company is involved in several support programs for the IHRA, NMCA, NMRA and NHRA series races. So if you're looking for camshaft components, trust a brand that's trusted by the most demanding drivers nationwide. For instance, installing a Lunati Camshaft Thrust Button is an excellent choice if you want significant power and stability gains. This heavy duty camshaft thrust button will get rid of the cam walk in your vehicle while improving all the facets of your car's drivability.

Camshafts from Lunati are in a league of their own due to their extremely high standards that meet or exceed OE specifications. The company has various grinds in stock, so it surely has the exact camshaft your repair or restoration project requires. It develops and manufactures specially designed camshafts for both street cars and high-performance racing applications. These camshafts also work well with other performance modifications such as adding high-performance headers and intakes.