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Visor Light Kit by Lund

A Complete Guide to Your Lund Visor Purchase

Choosing the right vent visor for your vehicle can be quite a task as you have to consider different factors and weigh them out to come up with a final list of product types. And usually, you'll find yourself puzzled over which brand and type of vent visors you will rather have. After all, you will be paying for these, so knowing every detail about the product is essential. To make things easier for you, here's a quick and complete rundown on the Lund visor:

What makes it reliable: The Lund visor is made of acrylic and has a smoked finish that makes it all the more appealing without sacrificing durability. What's more, this material and finish allows you to easily customize it by painting it with your preferred color to match the overall look of your vehicle. This custom-designed visor offers these benefits on top of its expected functions like keeping rain out, letting fresh air in, and reducing heat in parked vehicles. You can also rely on your Lund visor to let you enjoy the wind as the acrylic part blocks debris as you drive down the road.

Where it fits: You can fit this high-quality and durable visor to any pickup truck or sport-utility vehicle regardless of the make and model. You can expect a Lund visor to directly fit in your truck or SUV, provided that the areas near your vehicle's windows aren't dented.

How to extend the lifespan of your Lund visor: If you want to maximize the lifespan of the visor in your vehicle, you should know how to properly install it as this is where most problems start. A wrongly attached visor will ruin the overall look of your vehicle and may even make you and your car the town's laughing stock. Also, not cleaning the surface of the area you will attach the visor to will affect the sticking abilities of the adhesive foam tape and result to a visor that quickly falls off. This is the reason why washing your vehicle with a mixture of mild soap and warm water is required. Wiping the area with rubbing alcohol is also advised.

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Lund Visor Light Kit Articles

  • What You Can Expect from a Lund Visor

    Lund takes pride in the top-quality and long-lasting build of its visors. Made of acrylic, the Lund visor is set to improve the overall look of your truck or sport-utility vehicle as this product allows you to customize and paint the visor with your preferred color. But this product not only transforms your vehicle to a better-looking one, it also freshens the air in your interior as you can now open the window and let air circulate without worrying about rain, wind, and debris that can make your trip uncomfortable. With these benefits Lund promises, many consumers are very eager to experience what this product has in store. But will installing this in your vehicle really benefit you? To help you figure out, check out the ratings below:

    How well does it perform? (4/5 stars)

    What's good about this product is that it requires to be attached on the window frame unlike other tape-on visors that have to be stuck on the painted door frame. While some would frown and worry about it falling off, the Lund visor proves to stick well on the frame regardless of the speed you're driving at. Taking a Ford F250 Super Duty that has been equipped with these visors out for a ride during a heavy rain and a sunny afternoon doesn't affect the stick. This product doesn't even take a toll on the operation of the windows in your vehicle as it uses high-grade automotive foam tape unlike the in-channel type. As a result, it receives a four out of five rating.

    Is it easy to install? (4.5/5 stars)

    This product receives a perfect rating for installation as you can install a visor in your vehicle in less than five minutes, making the installation of four visors less than 20 minutes. Following the instructions well and cleaning your vehicle before attaching this product shouldn't cause you any problem. You won't also have difficulties lining it up and sticking the tape. You may, however, need to use a razor or your long fingernail to peel off the corners of the tape.

    Is it worth the price? (4.5/5 stars)

    In terms of cost, a Lund visor receives four and a half stars. This is because while you have to pay for a high price, you will, however, get four visors as this product is sold in sets of four. You will also get a product that is easy to install and is built to last.

    Overall rating: 4.33/5