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An engine drenched in antifreeze is an engine that's in high risk of severe malfunction. As a DIYer, you know how coolant loss can result in frequent overheating and catastrophic engine failure. So if you've been noticing puddles of antifreeze under the hood and under your car for the past few days, it's time to check your heater hoses. These are known to leak due to advanced wear over time and cause various performance problems. Don't worry though as you can always replace your bad hose with a heavy-duty Mackay Heater Hose.

Hose leaks shouldn't be taken lightly as these can easily drain your cooling system of the antifreeze it needs to safely run the engine. Mackay is a world-class manufacturer of hoses and other auto parts that are used for the repair and restoration of automotive cooling systems. Their products are made following the highest industry standards. Installing a Mackay Cooling Hose will stop leaks in your cooling system for good. It's rigorously engineered to meet or exceed OEM specs and crafted out of high-strength materials for maximum burst protection. You'll have peace of mind with this hose in your car 'cause it has remarkable resistance to chemicals and extreme temperatures.

Another hose that can give you problems when it fails is the bypass hose. As you may know, this part is responsible for delivering a small amount of coolant to circulate in the engine when the thermostat is still closed. The hose makes it possible to safely start your engine even when it's cold. If you're having problems starting your car in cold weather, take a closer look at the bypass hose as it might be leaking. Good thing you can replace that bad hose anytime with a Mackay Bypass Hose. This high-quality hose will instantly get rid of that coolant leak and allow you to smoothly start your car regardless of its temperature.