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Has powerful magnets which catch harmful metal filings

Can capture metal particles as small as 3 microns

Magnafilter Oil Filter cleans engine oil like no other

Magnafilter beats your stock oil filter at cleaning your engine oil

Your engine can be shredded into little pieces. That's right. Through time, friction will cause small metal filings to collect in your engine oil. That little magnet in your engine block's crank case won't help much once it's covered with small metal barbs. You're going to need more than your stock oil filter to keep these barbs from causing much more damage to your engine parts. All a stock oil filter does is block charred oil from flowing around the engine. If you want real oil filter, get the Magnafilter Oil Filter. If you magnify engine oil, it's like a view of magma flowing under the Earth's mantle. While it flows, rocks around it melt and get mixed into the magma. The only difference is engine oil cannot burn waste particles. It only carries it. These particles can get caught in the small areas around your engine, causing malfunctions. That's why you need a more effective filter. This Magnafilter Oil Filter works like magic - powerful magnets draw in metallic barbs as small as three microns, while filter material blocks particles which are bigger. This ensures that engine oil-free of impurities-gets pumped back through the engine. The filter keeps your engine parts safe from the damaging effects of particle buildup. It also makes oil less viscous. Meaning it flows much easier, thus able to collect more dirt and metal filings along the way. Make sure your engine stays clean on the inside. Use the Magnafilter Oil Filter on your engine.