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If you don't want to run into authorities while driving, then you should get a Magnaflow Catalytic Converter for your car. Smoke-belching iincurs a heavy fine. Most US states these days have crafted Clean Air acts and one of those they are monitoring are cars. You need not worry, though, because Magnaflow has an answer to your problem. You only have to get a Magnaflow Catalytic Converter and you can drive your way through expressways anytime, anywhere/

Magnaflow is a respected name in the aftermarket industry. In fact, its parent company, Car Sound Exhaust System, LLC, specializes in superior catalytic converter technology and is a world leader in the production of converters. In fact, the Magnaflow Performance Exhaust has been awarded the ISO-9001 certificate, an international quality standard that defines quality management and manufacturing systems. It has 20 specific design, material, and process requirements that Magnaflow has easily met. This certificate is renewed every six months to ensure that quality standards are maintained.

You can be assured that Magnalow Catalytic Converters, Magnaflow Exhaust Systems, and Magnaflow Mufflers are of the highest quality and are the best-valued in the market. They were developed and evaluated by a team of Magnaflow designers and engineers who make sure that the converters meet emission reduction requirements.

You'll know when you need a new Magnaflow Catalytic Converter when your car starts to run roughly, the temperature of your engine rises, and your exhaust gives off smoke. In extreme cases, your car will refuse to start at all. When this happens, go straight to any dealer and buy a new Magnaflow Catalytic Converter.

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  • Tips on Buying Magnaflow Exhaust & Muffler

    No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, you don't want a performance gap. You can make sure you don't with a MagnaFlow Exhaust System. All MagnaFlow Exhaust Systems share the same high quality 100 percent stainless steel construction and offer real dyno-proven power gains. And you'll be in good company. Mario Andretti and the Ivan Stewart ProTruck series look to their MagnaFlow Exhaust System for a wide-open, performance edge. Top tuners and legendary show car builders like Jack Roush and Boyd Coddington also rely on a MagnaFlow Exhaust System. You'll find a MagnaFlow Exhaust System for nearly any kind of vehicle, from Hondas to Hemis or Mazda turbos to monster trucks.
    MagnaFlow Mufflers are also available in a variety of applications, no matter what your automotive needs. MagnaFlow Stainless Steel Universal Mufflers feature a stainless steel body, end caps, a perforated core and a stainless steel weld bed. They are also reversible for custom installation. There's also the MagnaFlow Aluminized Steel Universal Muffler featuring MagnaFlow Wide Open Performance original designs in long-lasting aluminized steel. The MagnaFlow XL Performance mufflers are all stainless steel, with rigid, lock seam construction and 360 degree welded nipples for added durability and backfire protection.
    The MagnaFlow XL 3 Chamber Muffler uses a unique combination of large diameter, perforated tubing and strategically placed sound baffles to reduce unwanted resonance and help your engine create horsepower. The sound baffles tune the sound waves using calibrated tuning gate openings that allow portions of the sound waves to pass through. These tuned waves then are reflected by the back wall of the MagnaFlow Muffler and cancel out unwanted harsher sounds. The large diameter perforated core eliminates the flow restrictions of a louvered style core. A careful balance between perforation size and spacing and the baffle-tuning gate make for a great 3 chamber performance muffler.
    MagnaFlow Stainless Steel Street Performance Mufflers are straight-through, universal fit and are designed for the high tech street or race imports. These MagnaFlow Mufflers use only the highest quality materials and tuned to the specific needs of the import engine to maximize flow and performance and produce a smooth, deep tone. You can choose the look that fits you with tip and body options.

  • Magnaflow: Precision & Technology

    Exhaust gases not only affect your car's engine, they affect your health as well. Keep them from bothering you and your engine; use only Magnaflow exhaust components to get rid of them at once.
    Engines could only cough up poor performance when exhaust gases aren't properly vented outside the vehicle. That's the reason why a car must have working exhaust components: to expel harmful gases immediately. Otherwise, these noxious gases would cause your engine to backfire, affecting its fuel-burning efficiency. It could even fill up your car's cabin and cause carbon monoxide poisoning/ So to avoid that, you car must have only the best exhaust components. And Magnaflow can help you with that.
    For over 20 years, Magnaflow has been providing some of the best exhaust parts in the market. Need proof of its trustworthiness? Well, you'll be glad to know that in May 2000, the company was given an ISO-9001 certificate by the International Organization for Standardization (IOS). This certification is awarded to companies that have top-notch management and manufacturing systems. Plus, the company is re-audited every six months by the IOS to ensure that the company maintains its high standards. So there's no reason to worry about the company's reliability, is there? The truth is, every product from the company undergoes rigorous quality testing methods-in-ground dynamometers, multi-channel data loggers, OBDI and OBDII analyzers-to ensure their dependability and durability. These components are also tested in insulated and temperature-controlled rooms under simulated heat soak and air/fuel mapping conditions. As a result, Magnaflow always provides only top-class exhaust components. And isn't that what every car owner wants?
    Using dependable exhaust components is the key to a better engine performance and a safer ride. And with quality exhaust products from Magnaflow, your vehicle will give you just that. So don't waste another minute. Get exhaust parts with this manufacturer's name now/

  • Choosing the Right Magnaflow Product, For the Right Job

    Magnaflow offers a true straight-through exhaust system so you don't compromise performance or sound quality

    Most Magnaflow products can be ordered in premium stainless steel or more cost effective aluminized steel

    Magnaflow mufflers can be ordered in dozens of inlet and outlet configurations for a custom exhaust installation

    Many popular import and domestic vehicles would benefit from a full Magnaflow cat-back exhaust system

    Twenty-five years of experience in the high-performance exhaust industry go into every Magnaflow exhaust system. Now you can reap the benefits of this experience with a Magnaflow exhaust system for your car, truck, van, or SUV. Each Magnaflow exhaust system starts with good raw materialsaluminized and stainless steels, in this case. Then comes the engineering: To ensure maximum performance while meeting all noise restrictions, each Magnaflow exhaust system is dyno tested, refitted, and retested until the most horsepower that can be achieved within the other parameters of the test is achieved. Then the Magnaflow exhaust system is complemented with premium quality hangers and hardware, and full instructions to ensure an easy, trouble free installationcompare that with some of the competition's products. Remember, your car's performance is only as good as its exhaust system, so make sure you have the best. A Magnaflow exhaust system can give you the highest power potential while making your car sound as fast as it is.

    How do you know that Magnaflow mufflers are a true straight-through performance design? The fact that they're reversible should clue you in. Since Magnaflow mufflers don't utilize restrictive baffles and packing materials, they can be turned around for use in a custom exhaust system. You can't do that with most of the competition. Magnaflow mufflers can be ordered in either aluminized or stainless steel, depending upon your needs and budget, and in sizes and outlet configurations that run the gamut. Stainless Magnaflow mufflers include an all-stainless shell, end caps, and even weld beads for a spectacular appearance and unrivaled longevity. Aluminized Magnaflow mufflers offer the same great performance and good longevity in a slightly less expensive package. You can order your stainless Magnaflow mufflers with or without exhaust tips too, allowing you to truly build a custom exhaust to your specifications. Magnaflow mufflers are a great way to get Magnaflow performance and sound if your car doesn't have a cat-back exhaust available for it, or for you folks who just like doing things your own way.