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Exhaust System by Magnaflow

Increased power, better fuel economy, stylish looks, and a performance car sound. Sounds like a tall order, right? The Magnaflow 2005 2006 Chevy Corvette Exhaust 6.0L system doesn't think so. This system is revved up to deliver all of the above so you take your Corvette out on the open road and drive it like it was built to be driven.

The Magnaflow 15884 Exhaust system has a unique construction that works to get the most airflow out of your engine. The no baffle, no louver, no sharp turn design gives this exhaust the most open, free-flowing exhaust path you can find. And free-flowing airways give your Corvette the power boost you are looking for. Powerful gains like an increase of 3 to 23 horsepower and 6 to 28 lbs. of torque in fact.

But the Magnaflow 15884 Exhaust system doesn't stop at performance. It delivers quality, too. Continuous mig welds over half-inch overlap joint welding give this system strength to be envied. And the aluminized body or stainless steel body both deliver durability and corrosion resistance.

Hassle-free bolt-on installation, a lifetime warranty and the fact that the system is made in the USA all make choosing this impressive Magnaflow 15884 Exhaust system a no-brainer. So don't let your Corvette's performance drag, order your new system today.

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Magnaflow Exhaust System Articles

  • Magnaflow Series: Diesel

    Magnaflow Exhaust System

    Are you looking to give your diesel engine a serious power upgrade? The Magnaflow Diesel Exhaust System is constructed with power in mind. This system will help your diesel engine produce more horsepower and more torque. Plus, its durable styling will add the power of good looks to your ride.

    The Magnaflow Diesel Exhaust system is specially designed to max out the power your engine produces. This power surge is possible due to the 4" mandrel-bent tubing that allows maximum airflow from your engine. The unobstructed design works to keep backpressure and air restriction at a minimum. By giving your exhaust gases a clear way to escape, this system can help your engine produce gains up to 12 horsepower and 35 lbs of torque. How's that for power?

    Each Magnaflow Exhaust system includes a highly polished stainless steel Mahnaflow Performance Muffler and is made in the USA. This strong, durable stainless steel exhaust system is CARB certified and state inspection ready. Legal in all 50 states.

    Since each Mangaflow Diesel Exhaust system is designed specifically for your make, model, and year you can't go wrong with a Magnaflow. And each system includes hassle-free installation and a lifetime warranty. For the best in power, durability, and style order your Magnaflow Exhaust system today/

  • Magnaflow Series: Diesel XL

    Magnaflow Exhaust System

    You bought a diesel because you work hard and you want a vehicle that works as hard as you do. But if you rely on your stock exhaust system you are robbing you and your truck of the power it could be producing. With a Magnaflow Diesel XL Exhaust System your engine can deliver increased power and fuel economy.

    The Magnaflow Diesel XL Exhaust system can provide powerful performance because it is designed to provide your engine with maximum airflow. The extra-wide 4" mandrel-bent tubing works to keep backpressure, turbulence, and air restriction at a minimum. With optimal airflow your engine is freed up to produce power- like gains up to 11 horsepower and 35 lbs of torque. Now that's towing power/

    And every Magnaflow Exhaust system is made in the USA using top quality stainless steel for durability and strength. This system is also CARB certified so passing your next inspection will be a breeze. And the system is legal in all 50 states.

    For a great deal and a great deal more power, order your Magnaflow Diesel XL Exhaust system today. Equipped with the MagnaFlow XL Muffler, a 6-year warranty, and including hassle-free installation, this system can be out of the box and ready roll in under 90 minutes.

  • Magnaflow Series: Dual

    Want it all? Aggressive exhaust sound, stylish looks, and a performance boost for your engine. The Magnaflow Exhaust Cat-Back System is engineered to provide it all. First, this exhaust system is equipped with a muffler that includes special acoustical-absorbing material that reduces harsh sound inside the vehicle while letting the tough growl of power resonate outside. And the polished tips adorning the twin exhaust exits beef up the stylish look.

    And now for the power. The Magnaflow Dual Exit Exhaust system is designed with the offering of an unobstructed airflow path in mind. The stainless steel mandrel-bent tubing is crafted with no baffles, sharp turns or airflow restrictions. With optimal airflow your engine can enjoy an increase from 3 to 23 horsepower and from 6 to 28 lbs. of torque. And you can also enjoy a boost in fuel economy that can ease the burden on your wallet.

    With the Magnaflow Dual Exhaust system strength is taken care of, too. Available in a choice of a stainless steel or aluminized body this system is engineered to reflect heat and deliver rust resistance and durability. Plus the half-inch overlapped welding gives you peace of mind from leaks. This Magnaflow Dual Exhaust system is so strong that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

    Order your new Magnaflow Dual Exhaust system and enjoy hassle-free installation. This bolt-on system is designed to install with simple hand tools and there is never any reason to weld. For additional questions or comments contact our expert customer service staff online. And don't forget to take advantage of our speedy shipping.

  • Magnaflow Series: Single

    Searching for the unmistakable sound of power for your performance ride? The Magnaflow Exhaust Cat-Back System delivers the sound you are searching for. Put the pedal to the metal and your system shouts out with an all-business growl that is sure to get you noticed. Ease up on the gas to cruise and the exhaust tones go subtler but still pack a powerful punch.

    But you just weren't searching for sound were you? Of course not. That is why the Magnaflow Single Exit Exhaust system also provides unmistakable power. Equipped with mandrel-bent tubing and a MagnaFlow muffler made with a one-piece perforated stainless steel core, this system provides a straight path for escaping exhaust gases. This unobstructed line allows your engine to produce more horsepower and torque. Plus, the unique design of the Magnaflow Single Exhaust helps boost your gas mileage.

    The Magnaflow Single Exhaust system didn't skimp on strength either. With your choice of a stainless steel or aluminized body this system provides corrosion resistance, heat reflection, and unbelievable durability. This system is so strong that it comes with the Magnaflow lifetime warranty.

    The Maganflow Single Exhaust goes one step further and tops of this sweet package with hassle-free installation. Just bolt-on your new system to the existing factory mounting points and your vehicle is ready to roll. Order now to get all of this performance, sound, and strength for your ride today/ We know you won't regret it.